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Married in Israel

So I got married June 27 in Israel and will be returning to Boston on Sunday. Sad... Anyway, anyone know how I go about registering at city hall with my Israeli marriage contract? Do I need to get it translated? Another friend who got married abroad just got remarried in city hall with a justice of the peace instead of figuring out how to do it by getting married once.

Re: Married in Israel

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    A foreign marriage does not need to be registered at City Hall.  If you are changing your name, you would use the foreign marriage contract as evidence of the marriage for Social Security, passport, driver's license, etc. purposes. (There may be some special requirements regarding getting a translation by an approved person, which you would need to check with the relevant agency.   If you are not changing your name, you would basically wait until you needed to prove the existence of the marriage, and provide the foreign marriage contract/translation then.
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