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I am looking for my wedding dress and would like to know what places people would reccommend in Portland for finding a dress on a $1,000 budget?  I would like to go to smaller boutiques instead of large stores or chain stores but am worried smaller places wont have much in my price range.  I have all ready gone to magnifique boutique in sellwood and had a great experience but dont know if I want to buy my fav dress there before looking atleast one more place.  suggestions??

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    I really liked the customer service and selection at Ania bridal shop downtown Portland and Bridal Exclusives in Clackamas. I ended up buying my dress at Bridal Exclusives. Both shops have a great selection of $1000 and below dresses
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    Bridal Exclusives in Clackamas
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    I went to a few places in Portland and WA.Bridal Exclusives and Charlottes weddings and more I found a lot of them had dresses under the 1k. I found my dress at Bridal Exclusives but ended up ordering with Rosewood bridal in Tigard.
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    I got mine from Charlottes weddings and more, and was under $1000. They had a great selection and helpful/nice staff.
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    I purchased my dress through Bridal Exclusives, although it was a Maggie and I had it sent to the store so I could try it on. 

    I been to numerous appointments at Bridal Exclusives, and I will say if you want the full experience and/or you have not tried any dresses on yet, Bridal Exclusives is awesome.  They have you try on a dress of every style so that you have a good idea of what each will look like on you, then you can narrow it down from there.  If you already have a good idea of the style of dress that you want, you might find that kind of appointment tiresome.

    I also have been to Charlotte's and Ania.  I liked the Charlotte's experience better than that of Ania.  Charlottes I thought was weird that you don't pick any dresses out yourself, you tell the consultant what you like and what you're looking for, and they pick them.  And at Ania, I didn't feel like the consultant listened to my friend's price point nor her dress preferences.

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    thanks for the tips! im set to go to bridal exclusives and ania this week! :)
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    Ania Bridal downtown is great; also Charlotte's Weddings in Beaverton has an amazing selection of dresses under $1,500. 
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    I highly suggest Dianna at the Bridal Station located at 9804 SW Shady Lane, Tigard OR 97223.
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    I went to the Hostess House in Washington they have a really good selection very nice helpful ladies there is also Simply Grand in Salem that is where my bridesmaids are getting there dress.
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