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jennette's pier brides (and grooms) - alcohol question

so jennette's pier was the venue i first fell in love with via online searching. i'm *really* trying to narrow down my places before i head over to the expo in a couple weeks.

the one thing i REALLY didn't like about it was that it was a wine & beer only venue. i'm not really a big fan of either- in general, i drink mixed drinks. i know it sounds ridiculous that this could be a deal breaker- but how did you guys feel about it? was anyone bothered by the restriction?

Re: jennette's pier brides (and grooms) - alcohol question

  • Good Morning!
    That was personally a deal-breaker for me when I was doing my research.  Otherwise, JP would have been on the top of my list. 
    All of my friends and family enjoy a good liquor drink (not to mention, me and my fiance!), and this was an important aspect to me.   

    That being said, I'm sure for many other brides, the beer and wine was just perfect!
    If you love this venue, go for it! If you have a fun crowd and a good DJ, I'm sure your guests will have a blast even without the liquor.

    Good luck!
  • I probably wouldn't let that be the deal breaker, if that's your #1 choice. We offered beer, wine and 2 signature drinks at our wedding, but at our welcome dinner we had beer and wine and no one was complaining about the drinks. You have to know what your crowd is, if they mainly are beer and wine drinkers, it shouldn't matter.
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  • Hi karistiz!

    I am a JP bride because much like you, I absolutely fell in love with the pier. I'm not sure if you're on a tight budget like I am, but not being able to serve liquor on the pier actually cut our alcohol costs WAY down. I just signed a contract for a caterer for $11/person for beer, wine, soda, and water- with liquor that per person price was much higher.
    I have been to a beer/wine reception before, and to be honest, those that want liquor will inevitably bring their own....
    You could always have signature drinks and/or liquor at your rehearsal dinner! :)
  • Hi!  For me personally it was a deal breaker!  I did love JP but I felt like I couldn't ask people to drive 8 hours or stay for a week and then not be able to offer them liquor at my wedding.  That was just my personal choice.  You just need to figure out what is most important to you!  My only other fear with JP, which may be crazy, is that I thought the balcony outside the room overlooking the ocean was awesome.  BUT I was afraid that a lot of people would hang out outside on the balcony during the reception instead of dancing.  Again just one of my own personal fears.  Good luck!
  • thanks for all of your responses. i'm so sad! it's really the only thing I don't like and it might be a deal breaker - I guess I will find out for sure next weekend.

    for those of you who chose not to go with jennette's pier, what venue did you choose?

  • I did 108 bring in your own beer, wine and liquor.  Which is good b/c you can get exactly what your guests would like to drink; but a bit annoying b/c you have to worry about purchasing it and bringing it to the site.

    good luck!
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    JP was one of my first choices, but with our small amount being invited the room would have been too large. We ended up using the Sanderling. It depends on your vision for the wedding, if ocean views are important for your reception, you'll have to keep that in mind. I believe some caterers offer a package that they provide the alcohol and serve it. But, if you purchase it yourself, it'll be cheaper.
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  • I too as I said in my earlier post liked JP b/c of the ocean views but for various reasons did not go with them.  I am having my wedding at The Currituck Club.  I am also having a soundfront ceremony there.  For me personally it was just easier to have everything be in one place and to not have to worry too much about how I would set up a room, renting silverware, plates, etc.  But as the poster above said if views are important to you there are not too many places that have the ocean views...
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    Beach ceremony is important to me. What happens after isn't as important. I wanted a tent but it's going to be wayyy too hot for my guests - so I guess somewhere with AC.

    I love the Sanderling- would have loved the soundside pavillion but after speaking with someone, the price I was quoted was just a bit too high.
  • I don't think it's ridiculous at all.  Your wedding should be all about what makes you and your fiance the happiest, so if you dislike beer and wine, that's kind of a big deal.  We did 108 Budleigh as well, and we purchased all of our liquor, beer, and wine the week of, and it really wasn't that much money or that big of a complication.  We went to Harris Teeter for wine since they offered a per case discount (I think 15%). 
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  • I actually choose JP for our wedding this summer. I did not let the alcohol part get in the way, because it was way to wonderful to pass up. I love a liquor drink myself but I will serve sangrias and some kind of Champagne punch as well as beer (and I might bring in my own stash of liquor as well in a flask) ;) Most likely my friends will not care, or they will inevitably sneak in their own or go outside and make a drink. 

  • We are getting married at Jennette's this July. The venue is abolsutely beautiful- I was down there this past weekend for the expo & took tons of pictures if you need more pictures of the Oceanfront Hall. Keep in mind, they aren't doing it to be rude/strict it's because the pier is considered an aquarium!

    We too are going to serve champagne based drinks in additional to beer & wine. Check Pinterest if you need any ideas there are TONS. Our ceremony/reception are on a Friday night & Saturday we are inviting our guests to join us on the beach to relax & enjoy the sunshine (& enjoy some drinks with liqour). 

    The more we thought about it the more we liked the idea of having semi-sober people at our actual wedding & then having a huge after party the next day to really celebrate with family & trips who made the big trip. 
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