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When/where to dress shop??

When should I be dress shopping?? My wedding isn't until 6/2/13 but a lot of the other brides on the June 2013 boards are already trying on dresses - should I be doing that now??

Also, any recommendations of where to go for wedding dresses? I have a very limited budget so I was going to try David's Bridal and Vows in Watertown.

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Re: When/where to dress shop??

  • You've got some time, but nothing hurts to start looking/trying.

    Vows was the first place I tried on dresses.  They have a good variety so I was able to narrow down likes and dislikes.  I will add that I found most dresses are close to $1000-$1500, but take a look at their website for their options.  If you see something you like, write down the number because that is how the store is laid out.

    If you are open to buying a sample dress, I think some stores are starting to have those now and I think the next round will happen around November.  I got my dress (a sample) from Madeline's Daughter (Portsmouth, NH) the day after Thanksgiving for 80% off/$200.

    Good luck!
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    I would deff try New York Lace in Taunton.  They give free basic alterations with gowns and will price match from a different store.  Stephanie is amazing
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  • I am also getting married in June 2013.  It's definitely early, but I went out for the first time shopping at Vows a few weeks ago and found my dress!  I definitely recommend looking at the vows website and then bringing a list of the ones you want to try.  As soon as I arrived the girl at the front desk took my list and immediately pulled all of those dresses for me, which was super helpful. 

  • New York Lace was great to work with.  I loved that alterations, with the exception of the bustle, were included in the price.  I second the praise for Stephanie- she was great to work with.
  • I bought mine at Vows, the saleswoman gabriella was so friendly and knowledgable. I instantly got a good vibe from her and the other folks at the store unlike some other shops in about a 5 mile radius. I bought my dress on may 31 2012 and am a June 1 2013 bride... Good luck!
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  • It's definitely not too early to start dress shopping. :)  A few posts down there is a post about Pure Bliss in Newburyport having a huge sale. Might be worth making the trip to see if you can find something you like and save some money.
  • I wasn't planning on it, but ended up getting my dress at David's Bridal in Danvers.  I planned to just go in and look around and figure out what style I wanted, but found one that was perfect for me and the right price ($399!!).
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  • I got my dress about 13 months in advance, and to be honest, I wish I ahd waited a few more months. Though I'm happy with my dress, my tastes have definitely changed since then. I would wait until 8-10 months out.
  • You've definitely got plenty of time, but it doens't hurt to start to get an idea of what you would want.  Most of the websites I've looked at and shops I've called have said to order your dress around 9 months.  It can take up to 6 months to come in with about 3 months of alterations. Have fun! 
  • It's never too soon to start trying dresses on.I would go to several different places and try on several diffrent styles, even ones that are pulled for you that you normally wouldn't pick.I started at David's bridal and ended up buying a beautiful gown from Maria's of Italy, located in downtown Plymouth. Stacey ang Luigi were so nice and helpful. Luigi really knows his stuff! I got a great deal on my dress. They also have a discounted dress section that is definately worth checking out. Dress shopping is so much fun. Good luck
  • I'm getting married the day before you! I actually bought my dress back in April, and it won't be in until November. I had a horrible experience at David's and ended up at Bella Sera in Danvers. I can't say enough about how wonderful they are. I highly recommend them!
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  • I bought a sample, but I think it takes at least 6 mos if you order one.  I looked at Vows but bought at Allegria in Belmont.  I'd highly recommend Allegria.
  • August 2013 bride and waiting a couple of months longer myself. I have a similar budget to yours, and other than the places you mentioned I plan on trying Alfred Angelo. A close friend is a former employee of the company, and she especially recommends the Dedham store. Good luck! I think it's definitely a good time to start looking and trying things on.
  • I don't think it's too early to start shopping around. Dahl's in Haverhill is having a sample sale right now. Just got mine today for a really great price.
  • Allegria! You MUST go to Allegria in Belmont! They are fabulous nad friendly. They reccomend buying the dress at least 8 months in advance and I definitely agreee. I ordered mine in February came in in July and getting married in October. Plus when youbuy your dress there your maids get 15% off their dresses!
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