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Confessions of a Christian bride

Okay, wedding planning is stressful, so have any of you ever done any unchristian things as a bride that you're feeling guilty about?  I thought we might start a thread so we can support one another and provide advice on how to be more Christian as brides.  Maybe we're also going through the same thing.

For me, I get upset easily at my mom because she is dictating a lot of details about our wedding.  Generally, she likes to tell me what to do, and I like to be very independent.  It drives me nuts when she invites people I don't want to invite without consulting me, or when she pressures me to wear her wedding dress.  I get angry sometimes and yell because she doesn't really listen otherwise.  Any tips on how to stay calm? 

If anyone is comfortable sharing, feel free to post.

Re: Confessions of a Christian bride

  • erolliserollis member
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    I blow up all the time when I get overly stressed. Then my Catholic guilt kicks in and I feel awful that I did what I did and feel bad for whoever was in the line of fire. The I apologise a lot. Counting to 10 or walking away doesn't always work but it can help sometimes.
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    I was told early on in the planning that DH's aunt was willing to do our flowers at cost (she is an instructor of floral design) so at first I was excited but then I started to worry about it because she didn't respond to emails, didn't answer her phone, didn't return voicemails, etc.  I decided that I wanted to get the flowers at a floral shop close to our venue (she lived 8 hours drive away and I was worried about the flowers traveling well).  I didn't know what to do because I didn't want to upset the family by turning her down (and DH was no help) but I eventually sent her a nice email to thank her for her willingness to do the flowers and letting her know that I was planning to order flowers locally.  I admit that I had some pretty un-Christian feelings toward her for not being responsive to my repeated contacts (that's one of my big pet peeves).  But in the end, I prayed about it and felt that everything worked out for the best.

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    These things do happen. I have found myself getting very impatient and I think I need to pray about that.
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    Deep breaths always help.  And I try to pause before responding to something my mom said that bothered me.  That helped me to choose a nicer way to say things.  At least, that was the theory.  My mom and I can only spend so much time together before we push ALL of each other's buttons.  So I feel ya!

    I would get too caught up in the details.  I would forget that ultimately, what mattered, was that Cody and I were vowing before God and our family and friends to love and support each other forever.  Whenever I got frustrated that our wedding wasn't going to be in the next hot location, I would tell myself that God and our loved ones will be there regardless.  And that helped put in all in perspective.  And people were impressed by our wedding-by the way we stayed true to the reason for the celebration and kept Christ at the center of it.
  • heyimbrenheyimbren member
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    I'm not a Christian Bride.

    But can I make a bridesmaid confession? I get really annoyed with my friend (the bride) soemtimes. I know it's her day and I truly want her to have a special day. But I do begrudge the things she says to me sometimes.

  • katieluke1983katieluke1983 member
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    I can sympathize, my Mom drives me CRAZY. She is very old school, and way back when it was basically mandatory to have punch at the wedding (a finger food mid-afternoon wedding) i do not want punch. We're having iced tea & lemonade. But she just ignores me when I say that and will say "what a about a punch bowl? we need to look into that" uuuugh! Very unChrstian thoughts go through my head but I just breathe, and pray for strength and wisdom.

    Eventually my Dad ordered some really pretty drink dispensers to serve tea and lemonade out of so that she would stop asking...and she did :)
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