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Friday Five

Your Friday 5 -

- Vents
- To Dos for the weekend (WR or NWR)
- Exciting things over the weekend

Re: Friday Five

  • HammysGirlHammysGirl member
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    - Research Paper
    - Research Paper
    - Unpack
    - Research Paper
    - Do some WR with my MOH for her wedding which is the end of May! :-)

    ... needless to say, my weekend won't have a ton of fun involved. Hopefully you gals have something better going on! ;-)
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    Shopping for FI's band
    Shopping for sute summer clothes to wear to the all the wedding events this summer (We have 5 other weddings besides ours)
    Going to McGonigal's Market for the "Ribs for Kids"
    Birthday party for a 1 year old
    Usual house/yard work (if it stops raining)

    Overall should be fun but busy. 
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    Med school prom on Saturday
    Study a little more
    Take kitty to the vet- she had a tumor taken off her back and it's time for staples to come out...maybe
  • prideeinpynkprideeinpynk member
    edited December 2011
    -Disc golf competition... I've never played, but my company is taking part in a local sports competition and I ended up in this event.
    -More homework
    -I have a LOT of homework (I'm on lesson 7 of 50, all due by May 18)
    -Getting FI to okay my ideas for the invites so he can send them on to his friend who is designing them

    Chrissy & David -- 10/10/10

    This is my "OMG-Don't-Drop-Me" face

    Planning Bio

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    -Bachelorette Party!!!

    Gotta love the end of the semester!  However, so excited for my bachelorette!!!
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