Vacation Gone Bad

I am so upset.  So I had a girls vacation weekend planned with some of my friends this weekend.  We flew into Florida on Thursday night and got here at 2am... went to bed.  I got up at 930am on Friday and by 945am, I had broken my leg.  We walked out on their pier and I was turning to walk back and there's a spot that the deck is cut out and my right leg went to step down right there.  I fell into a canal and broke my left leg on the way down.  I've spent my whole weekend in the hospital!  I had to have surgery Friday night and have been in horrific pain since.  The surgeon said that it was one of the worst breaks he's ever saw.  And that I should stay off of it for 2/3 months and will probably walk with a limp for a year.  I'm devestated!!!  There goes my working out for the wedding and if I walk down the aisle with a limp .... well, the thought makes me so sad!  I'm going to try and get past this and just deal, but I needed to vent a little and I knew my fellow brides would feel my pain.  Please help me pray and hope that this heals quickly and good!
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Re: Vacation Gone Bad

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    Oh, Kelly. I am so sorry :( I am thinking happy thoughts for you in hopes that your leg heals soon.  

    What a terrible way to spend your vacation :( 
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    Praying for you to get better.
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    I really feel that more often than not, doctors tell you the worst case scenario.  Staying off of it for 2-3 months might really be only 6 weeks.  And walking with a limp for a year? I'd be surprised!  Time will tell, but definitely keep your hopes up!  In the meantime, I might nix any plans to wear heels and start looking for cute flats.  :)

    It definitely sucks that your vacation was terrible.  However, you have a wonderful honeymoon/vacation to look forward to later this year!

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    Awww thats so sad! Try to stay positive, I know thats hard. I think having a good attitude always helps you feel better faster and definately can reduce stress. I think your fiance and everyone else would be crazy to even notice a limp when they see how beutiful you look in your dress!
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    I'm so sorry that happened to you!! **Positive thoughts and healing your way**
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    OOOH NOO! Thats not good! :(
    I hope you have a faster recovery than that the docs are saying. Feel better!!
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    I'm so sorry!  But the silverlining... At least this happened 4 months before your wedding and not 3 weeks or something.  I hope you have a fast recovery!

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    Booo! :(:(     Sending prayers and get well vibes your way!
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    Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry! Hoping for a quick recovery!
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