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When do I need to have my hair trial?

Hi ladies! 

My wedding is getting pretty close; I'm almost a month out already (!!!!) I'm in talks with my hair stylist and I'm considering having my hair trial soon. Is it too soon? When does the hair trial usually happen?  I kind of feel silly asking this, because I think it's something everyone on this board probably already knows, lol.

Re: When do I need to have my hair trial?

  • I would say to get on it now. I had my first trial about 5 months out, but we were planning from out of state, so I had to do what I could while we were visiting our hometown (where we got married). You may need to book 2 appts. or more fairly close together so that he/she can get it how you want it for the big day. Good luck!
  • The salon in my area told me to schedule my trial one week before the wedding. But I wasn't searching through different salons, just wanting to test out my inspiration 'do. Now that FI's cousin (a stylist from NYC) has offered to do my hair for the wedding, I won't be doing a hair trial until the day before.
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