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Need Some Jumpstart Tips...and Pure Motivation

This is the worst subject ever for me... :p  So I need some diet ideas...or something.  Not sure what.  I love to eat healthy (I really love organic food even but I'm a meat-eater!)  But like everyone else I have a crazy-busy lifestyle and my work schedule is ridiculous.

So backround: I work Sunday-Monday night audits (11pm to 7 am) and 3-11pm Wed. Thurs. and Fri.  I sleep when I can....which is weird hours depending on what shift I'm working... so fast food is my wonderful friend...but not to my body.  I hate exercising--- I will be the first to admit I'm a lazy person.  But when I used to have a more solid schedule and TIME I used to walk every night for 45 minutes...and loved it.  But I had more time/motivation back then.

Anyways, anyone have some ideas for me...I don't have a lot of time or money it has to be easy things to do/eat.  And non expensive.  I'm open to websites and WW is sightly intriguing...

Help me girls!!!!  Btw, I would love to lose like 40-50 pounds but any amount of weight would make me a very happy camper...and keep it off.  WD isn't for awhile.

TIA! :)

Re: Need Some Jumpstart Tips...and Pure Motivation

  • I find WW rather expensive, so I might advise avoiding them..

    You could try It's free and lets you track every aspect of your health and wellness.

    Canned soups are my best friend when I'm really busy (never creamy ones, of course). Some days I'll just throw half a can each into two containers and have one for supper, one for lunch. I often add canned kidney beans to it as well for extra protein and fibre.

    Eggs are quick to cook and packed with nutrients, so I'll have them once or twice per week (too much cholesterol in them otherwise). Yogurt, raw unsalted almonds, and pre-cut baby carrots are also standard fallbacks. I'm in serious need of adding some more variety to my diet, but these things have served me extremely well as a foundation for my new routine. I've found that I'm almost never hungry, so when that happens and I need more calories and/or protein, I drink skim milk as well.

    Good luck! Keep in mind, however, that if you don't exercise at all, you'll just wind up thin and completely out of shape. :)
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  • I do WW online.  It's something like $17/month which I don't think is too expensive given all the knowledge I"m getting.  Being able to have access to tracking, recipes, message boards, all of that stuff has been really valuable to me.  And when you stick to the plan, it really works.  For a quick workout, I'd suggest either Jillian michaels 30 day shred or you can go old school and jump rope for 10 mins and run for a couple of miles.  You can do pushups and situps and other things that can be done in your living room.  GL!
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  • I've recently started WWonline, and have found it to be pretty helpful and incredibly convenient. As for workouts... every little thing counts! Do squats, or have 5lb weights with you at work and just do curls with one arm while you work and switch off, do push ups and cunches before you get ready in the morning. Wii fit is pretty fun too!
    Also, you may find it motivational to watch the Biggest Loser! I wrote a post about that and how I find it inspiring.... its worth a try! Smile
  • WW is somewhat expensive, but it's worth the investment. I've now lost 31.4 lbs on WW, going to meetings and doing the etools online.
  • Thank you so much for all the suggestions and whatnot...I will definitely keep all of that in mind as I start doing some research etc. on how I want to go about this. 
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