Spray Tan for Wedding?

I am very pale and my skin doesn't tan so I and am thinking about getting a spray tan for my wedding. Does anyone know of people who have had good or bad experiences with spray tanning? My biggest concern is the color rubbing off onto my dress. I am not sure if that could happen. Let me know your thoughts please. Thanks!

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    Mine are all BAD! I don't know why, but my skin has never taken it well. I tried it like 7 years ago when it was the new thing, and I was uneven and splotchy..and that was someone hand-spraying me down. I swore I would never do it again. Well, I decided I would try it again for the hell of it a few months back.....BIG MISTAKE. Again, same thing. I was hand-sprayed, and it was blotchy, uneven, my face looked TERRIBLE! I had to SCRUB until I could get it somewhat even, and even then I had to wear tons of makeup to cover it up for a week or two. Also, they had a fan blowing on me to dry me off and she said it wouldn't get on my clothes, but my clothes all got it all over, and so did my seat in my car! 

    I am also naturally very pale, but I started going to Ashley Lynn's like 4 or 5 years ago and would go 3 times a week and make sure I always used the lotion before and after, and put it on after I shower. Now I hardly ever tan but I STILL have the sticker tan lines from months ago (at least). You just have to gradually work your way up.
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    I have done a spray tan on two occasions now and have good results both times. The last time I did it I went to Tan World and they were very help full. They have a stand up automated machine.  I went twice before the event and was very happy with the results. The first time was a week before and the second three days this gives you a more even tone, and gives it time to lighten and look more natural before the big day.  For Tan World I know I had to stand iin the machine while it blew air on me for like five mins and they recommend you wipe of your hands and feet because the spray likes to collect in those areas. I also recommend not wearing your favorite clothes because it might rub off a little, but mine never stained anything.  Also if you watch thier adds they do deals for buy one get one all the time.  Good Luck deciding!
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    I have never tried a spray tan so I am no help there but I tan everyonce in awhile. Idk if this is accurate but I was told to do A level 3 for a short amount of time the first couple of times and once you get your base tan to start going at a level 1. I never do level one, I like how much quicker I tan in the level 3 and not have to be there 20 minutes. granted I am in there for a good 14 minutes and tan easily.

    Well I am sure my post isn't going to help you much. BUT I would suggest maybe doing a test run for the spray tan, way in advance(didn't check to see when your getting married so I dont know if this is possible), to see how it works for you. Good luck!
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