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Rhode Island

Aldrich Mansion - restrictions on getting married there

My fiance and I just visited the Aldrich Mansion yesterday and fell in love with it.  We have a temporary reservation at the moment (need to submit deposit in next 4 days), and know that the application has to go to the Diocese of Providence for "approval"....one ounce of concern I'm having: we're living together.

Has anyone else had their reception at the Aldrich Mansion when they were already living with their fiance and was it an issue for getting approved? 


Re: Aldrich Mansion - restrictions on getting married there

  • I don't know their policy, but do they require that you answer that question? Would it be bad to keep that information from them?
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  • I know that a friend of mine got married at a very strict Church and they had to go through an extra marriage class section to answer questions about why they are living together and such.

    Every priest and Church is going to be different.  I know when I was looking at Aldrich, we stated we were interested in having the Catholic ceremony on site, they knew we lived together and didn't mention any issues.
  • Did you already answer the question and reply yes?
    I am not sure if its going to be an answer, it depends on who is reviewing the application.

    I know other couples who have lived together that have been married there. I am sure it won't be an issue.

    I would tlak to them if you are concerned.

    If you haven't answered the question yet, I am not suggesting you lie, just dont bring it up.
    I made the mistake of mentioing that my fiance had an annullment when he was 18 to our priest at my family's church. Then he refused to marry me. The issue was, no one in my famiyl or my fiances knows about the marriage or annullment other than his parents- and so it ended up causing us a HUGE headache. and at the end of the day, I wish we never were upfront and honest about it.
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  • I know one of my former coworker got married there and i know they lived together before.
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  • I am getting married there this march and wanted to let you know that they do not do any checking in on you. I dont know what they do exactly when they get "approval" from the diocese of providence, but we did not have any problems at all. Good luck hope that helps! :)
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