Pocohontas State Park

Has anyone had a wedding here? What did you think?

Re: Pocohontas State Park

  • I only remember an episode of Bridezillas where a girl from Chester had her reception there, so other than that, I am of no help.  And she was super crazy btw.

    What about the park do you like?  Are you having a small initmate ceremony that is budget friendly or are your options wide open?


  • Budget friendly, I love to kayak on the waters here and my fiancee loves to bike. We both hike the trails so I thought it would be a good option for us.
  • oh this sounds great :)  have you gotten any information yet?? I am trying to find something cheaper and simple in this area!
  • My fiance and I are having our reception at the Swift Creek dining hall there. It won't be until next year, but its been a very pleasant experience so far.
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