Married - PIP and reviews :)

Not trying to AW too much but thought maybe it'd be helpful to someone out there...

I know there doesn't seem to be many people from the Bangor area on here but oh well!

Re: Married - PIP and reviews :)

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    so beatiful!! Where did you get your bridesmaids dresses? and about how much were they. I am trying to figure out if i will have my mom sew them or have my girls buy them.
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    OMG I love your cake topper!

    Beautiful pictures! Congrats!

    The truth behind a well laced dress
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    Really nice pics and thanks for the reviews on your page. Where do you live? My wedding is in Ellsworth and my FI and I are trying to find jobs right now so we can move here.
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    So nice to see some "local" folks, I am from Ellsworth :) BEAUTIFUL pics by the way, seems as if it were a magical day!
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    The BM dresses were all different. My sister/MOH got hers at a bridal shop. I know it's one of the major brands like Alfred Angelo. The others got theirs at retail stores. Sorry I'm not of more help!

    Thank you all for the compliments :)

    I currently live in Orland, ME which is sort of by Dedham. If you know the Ellsworth area, then you probably know where it is.  Yay for more midcoast people!
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