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California Girl in a Country Boy's World

I met my fiance in TX, hes from PA and I'm from CA. We both have the same tastes and personality, and my dream wedding was always fun bright colors. We want to do it a country themed wedding though. I need help! I still want my fun bright colors. I dont know how to incorporate them into our theme. We picked out our venue at Calico Ghost Town, CA. Its an old western town, super cheap and perfect for the "country" part. Now, will my bright colors even work with where were doing it, or will it be a jumbled mess?

Re: California Girl in a Country Boy's World

  • Being a country girl, and having lived in Cali quite a bit, of course you can!

    What 'bright' colors are you thinking? Lots of daisies and wildflowers come in very eyepopping colors that also fit the 'country' theme including bright pink, purple, greens, yellows, even oranges and blues. You can also make your cake whatever you want, and incorporate those same colors. Do you have any pictures or a link to the place? Maybe we can help a little more seeing what you're working with :)

    Congrats on getting your venue!
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  • Brightly colored wildflowers in mason jars or burlap wrapped column vases would be very country and still give you your bright colors.  
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