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AW Friday!!

I finally got invites out.. all 204 of them! I'm getting RSVPs back.. whoo hoo!
I bought my wedding shoes yesterday. I know I'm wrong for not having a picture of them yet, but I'll get it.
Last... I have my first dress fitting today!!! I'm super excited for this. I've only tried my dress on once since I bought it in October. I can't wait to put it back on again.

Re: AW Friday!!

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    Great job DFW!!!  Good luck with your dress fitting :-)

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    [QUOTE]Great job DFW!!!  Good luck with your dress fitting :-)
    Posted by kpwedkk[/QUOTE]

    Nothing to AW about?? Where are the other girls? Tell us something good going on.
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    Ha! Got pictures of both my kids together and Kidlet doesn't look angry. Granted, he isn't terribly impressed, but he's not scowling!

    But Grandma. It's a baby. Did I say I wanted a baby?

    Fine. I'll hold her.

    But I am NOT looking at her.

    Not even a little.
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    Let's see...

    Nothing super fab going on. Just status quo for the moment.

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    Cute pics Sarah

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    Aww, I love the pictures, Beloved! Your little ones are so adorable :)
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