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Rehearsal Dinner Budget

This is purely out of curiousity. How much did (or will) your rehearsal dinner cost? Total, not per person. And, if you'd like to elaborate on what kind of food/drink/venue it was, feel free to.

Re: Rehearsal Dinner Budget

  • Ours was about 1000. We had it at an upscale restaurant for about 25 people, no alcohol was served.
  • We had a very casual event. We had it at our local pub that we always go to, and served pizzas, wings, salads, garlic bread and veggies, as well as unlimited soft drinks. We had so many people driving back home (I think only 6 people out of 43 stayed in the city) that we didn't host alcohol at the RD, but did buy everyone a round of their drink of choice.

  • We had plated food off a limited menu at a casual Mexican place. DH's parents chose to do drink tickets per person instead of an open bar.

    Your best guess is to look at it on a per person basis. Our RD was pretty big because all of DH's and half of my aunts and uncles were invited as they were OOT. If we'd stuck to bridal party, parents and grandparents, it would have been half the size and cost.
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  • By the way, I didn't see the final cost, but based on the contract prices that MIL showed me, it would have been $500-600.
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  • My Fiance's parents are hosting....but from what I know, it will be at a local pizza/pasta place in town.  Wings, subs, pizza, etc. will be there.  A possible drink in there as well.  I think it will not be too much...but at least 40-50 people (all the WP and out of town family).  I don't know if that helps though! :)

  • aour rehearsal dinner will be for 50 people, because of OOT guests and our larger families and bridal party.

    We are having it at teh private dining room in one of the more upscale Chinese places because its afforable, fun, and great food. We are also hosting a bar.

    When all is said and done, we are over $1000, but that is still not bad for the area we are having the rehearsal at.
  • We're having it at a local pizza place. All you can eat pizza and unlimited sodas/water/tea. There won't be a hosted bar, but there is a bar there if people want to get a drink on their own.
  • We had ours at an upscale restaurant in the private room.  It was family style with a couple of courses, and open bar for about 35 people.  It was around 1500.  We hosted it ourselves, but RD was really important to us, and we wanted to host a nice night to relax with our closest family and friends.  
  • We're having heavy apps and beer for all of the guests since it's a DW. It's at a restaurant close to the hotel where we're all staying and has a gorgeous overlook of the ocean. The whole wedding came in under budget so we decided to give guests an extra dinner, plus time to meet and mingle since we're all at the same hotel.
  • We're having a BBQ at my parents' house for no more than about 20 ppl.  I can't imagine it'll cost much more than $100-$200 if that.

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    We held ours at Five Guys. It was us, my parents, his mom, and our entire BP (Which included all of our siblings) and the BP's S/Os. 19 people total, cost us about $130.

    It's not the RD for everybody, and our wedding actually was pretty formal, but this was the perfect RD for us.

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  • I rented a boat and we're having a cruise.  $4k+
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    Ours is about $2500.  Dinner at a nice restaurant for 40ish people....we are providing bottles of wine.


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  • We had ours at a private room of a Southwestern restaurant with no alcohol.  We invited all the OOTs so we had around 30-40 people and although I don't know the final bill, I think it was around $1k.
  • Our FILs are taking care of the RD, and all I know about it is its location, which is pretty nice. There are 35 people coming, and I know that the FILs want to provide a full dinner and open bar, so there's no way it's coming in under less than $1k.
  • I'm in the $250 and under category (exact price depends on how much pizza we decide to order, TBD).  Ours is going to be very casual - pizza, salad, bread sticks, and pitchers of pop and beer.  FI's family is pretty formal, so we're prepared that this might be an issue with some people (his sister had a very formal RD and served steak!).  But IMO (and FI's), this place has BY FAR the best pizza in Detroit, so hopefully once people get a taste of the food, they won't complain any more! 
  • We did a cookout at a local park.  Bought all the food at Sams Club and the GMs cooked it.  Everyone had a great time and enjoyed the laid back atmosphere.
  • we spent about $340 including tax and tip for an RD of 11, no alcohol.  we had budgeted $400.

    we had a nice sit down meal, choice of soup or salad, choice of 5 different entrees, adn everyone got ice cream for dessert.
  • Technically, 0, because FMIL is paying, but we're having a salad, choice of 3 entrees, dessert, open bar, and it will be for like 40 people (all wedding party, family, OOT guests). I think it will be around $2,000-$2,500, including tax and gratuity. It's at a brew pub, so the food will be like pork chops, mac and cheese, cheesecake, etc.
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  • We're having about 80-90 people with a family friend who also caters doing the meal. It is at a club house that was only $200 to rent and is beautiful and had chairs, tables etc. So we're getting away with about $1000.
  • We are having our wedding at a State Park.  We'll have the rehearsal dinner there after the walk through rehearsal.  We'll light up the giant grill, play games, and get smores going.  The park limits the alchohol we can bring in.  Overall we'll spend around 250$ if we go for steaks and chicken over burger and hot dogs. 
  • Ours is at a resort in my hometown.  About 50 people.  FMIL wants three entree options and we will probably end up with an open bar.  We actually just had our meeting with the onsite coordinator and I think it will be about $5k...but the resort is giving us a suite for our wedding night stay for free!
  • $300.

    $100 for food we will cook most ourselves.

    $200 on beer and drinks.  Hey, what can I say, FI's family loves to drink!
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  • we're in the $500-1000 range, but the food alone was $500 (shrimp is expensive yo). it will probably cost an extra $100-200 for everything else. for 40ish people, I don't think that is too bad, $15-18/person.

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  • We're having a casual meal in my FIL's backyard for about 70 people.  My fiance and all the groomsmen are in a band and they are going to play for a little bit.  His aunt is making all the food and his Dad is getting a keg, so it shouldn't cost too much.
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  • My fiance and I are throwing our RD. We are going for a more casual RD and having it at a local pizza place. All you can eat pizza, salad and breadsticks and pop. Not having a open bar at the RD but the guests are more than welcome to on their own. We are having about 20-24 people and it will be about $250-$350. We figured our wedding was going to be formal so we wanted to go with something more laid back and relaxing. Plus we are having it in the afternoon.
  • We're having our RD at an upscale restaurant at one of the local gardens for about 50 people. It will be an italian buffet but no alcohol other than a bottle of wine on each table. We don't want people drinking too much the night before the wedding! FI's parents are hosting but I'm pretty sure it's going to be around $2,000.
  • We're having about 16 people for a late lunch/early dinner at a nice restaurant. They are creating a limited menu for us and we are bringing our own wine, and cupcakes for dessert. Our budget is about $400. I have a feeling it could go up to $500 though.
  • Ours is going to cost about $7,500.00. It is going to be a mini rehersal because all of our out of town family is invited. We are having it bbq style with wine and beer served. There will be about 100 guests attending.
  • Ours is going to cost about $7,500.00. It is going to be a mini rehersal because all of our out of town family is invited. We are having it bbq style with wine and beer served. There will be about 100 guests attending.
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