Are you getting married within a few months of a family member?

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Re: Are you getting married within a few months of a family member?

  • docskigirldocskigirl member
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    My fiance's niece is getting married one month before us, and her sister our other niece is getting married the week after us.  We are getting married in order of engagement and honestly length of courtship.  I was bothered for about a day about the younger niece setting her date the week after us (we will take are honeymoon a couple weeks later, will not be missing her wedding and our honeymoon date was set before her wedding date).
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    I have a cousin getting married a few weeks before me, which was planned after my wedding.  But the only mutual guests we would have our my grandparents who are now to ill to travel.  We are not close and I won't be at her wedding and she won't be at mine, so its not a big deal.
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    My cousin got married a few weeks before ours in Texas... They planned it after but had limited days that they could do it as she is in the wedding planning biz and it is too hot in Texas to get married in the summer!
  • mgoss228mgoss228 member
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    My cousin will be getting married about 3 months after me.  Both weddings will be in Western WA, and most of our mutual family live in the area as well.  Absolutely no conflict, obviously.  I wanted a May wedding, and she wanted a summer (August) wedding.
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  • emilyasiegelemilyasiegel member
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    My sister recently decided to set her wedding date for the same date as mine, and hers is in England, we are currently battling over family members...
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    My cousin is getting married a little over a month after my FI and I.
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