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Poll flower girl dress

Hey ladies!  I doubt the mom will pick either of these, cause I've left it completley up to her, but I still want to know which flowergirl dress you like best!  Below is also a picture of the ring bearer outfit inspiration, in case that affects your decision.

And here are the two completely different dresses!

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Re: Poll flower girl dress

  • I like the purple one but I think the white one matches the ring bearer better.
  • i love the purple one! but i also do agree with pp that the white one matches teh ring bearer better

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  • I agree with PPs that the white dress matches the ring bearers a little better, but I love the color of the purple one.
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    Ooooo yeah.  I thought the same thing.  The purple one is eyelet lace too.  And less than $40 USD!

    The fancy one... I'm crazy for those little rosettes, and the bubble hem. So cute--especially on a 2-year-old!  But this dress is about $130 USD!

    It will be interesting to see what the mom actually chooses (again... probably neither of these two dresses).
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  • LOVE those little pants!
  • I definitely like the style and color of the purple one the best!  If it matches the same purple as your bridesmaids, I think you should go with it.
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  • I actually disagree with the majority and think that the purple dress matches the ring bearer outfit better because of the purple bow tie. Plus it's really pretty, a dress she is likely to wear again, and a good price! You should be the only one in white. ;)
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    Hahaha.  thanks guys!

    Maybe I can convince her mum to buy that one then. :P

    But I highly doubt it will be the same shade as the bridesmaids dresses.  But still!
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