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Bridesmaid luncheon

Okay, I was under the impression that this could be a nice gesture that I take on as the bride to throw for my bridesmaids. I have been trying to find an invitation to send to my girls, but every invitation has the wording, "join us for a bridal luncheon honoring (bride's name)". Am I totally off here in thinking this is something I host for my girls?
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Re: Bridesmaid luncheon

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    My mom hosted one for me and the BMs. We did it the same day we went for their dress measurements. I just sent an email. We did tea sandwiches, strawberry champagne, italian cookies and cake pops at my house
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    I agree with PP. I don't think a formal invite is totally necessary. I plan on just asking mine if they'd like to go to lunch, my treat, the day before the wedding and will take them to a cute little cafe shop. I would feel odd RSVP'ing to someone for lunch at a cafe.

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    Ditto PP. I just verbally asked my BMs if they were available for lunch, no formal invitations.
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  • uwf_cole23uwf_cole23 member
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    I just saw these online from a girl that lives in my town, I thought the wording was adorable. 

    "An event in honor of the ladies who will stand by my side
    & have helped to make me a happy bride.
    After all the planning the big day is here,
    Please join us for lunch, cocktails, and lots of good cheer!"

    .. yes, cheesey and I dont know if it is your style, but always an option!
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    UWF- I kinda like it. And just to clarify, I wasn't going to make them RSVP, I just wanted something to send, but I guess I will just call. Thanks!
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  • kimberlyb122kimberlyb122 member
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    I'm doing formal invitations for my girls just because I think it's cute and I know that I like getting fun things in the mail. I just got really pretty Papyrus cards that are blank inside and wrote out my own wording. Also not having them RSVP or anything...
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