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My sister is looking for a reception site with reasonable pricing which seems to be nearly impossible. A place at about $20 per person for food or less, allows for alcohol and would make a good first impression. Oh and she's looking at about 175 people. A hotel might be nice otherwise she's considering a shuttle due to the alchol.

Current Top Choices:
Baker Lofts - likely out at about $24 per person to get what she wants but still her favorite

Doubletree Hotel in Holland - looks nice on the website pictures, anyone know anything more about the place? Room prices for guests also seem expensive.

She likes Adeline Leigh Caterering but needs a location to use them!!!

Already out:
Park Theater (wrong atmosphere)
Holland Fish and Game Club (wrong atmosphere)
Trestle Stop (that's where I had mine)
Piper Resturant (too small)
Felt Mansion (too small)
Laketown Golf and Conference Center ($3500 rental fee!)
Windmill Island (outside)
Beechwood Inn (too small but good caterer)
Butternut Event Center (beautiful outside oddly attached to a    stripmall
Jubilee Ministry (beautiful but no liquer)

And probably many more but they all run together!!

Thoughts, opinions suggstions? Anything to help her make a decision? Thanks in advance!

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