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more pics on website

sorry to be such a PW!  anyhow, i've added wedding day photos to our planning website.  lots of centerpieces and decor and stuff.

enjoy!  :)
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Re: more pics on website

  • I love it Crakd! I'm going to show it to FI and I know he will go crazy - he loves Goodwill, flea markets, thrift stores - anywhere you can find neat stuff like that! :)
  • Your wedding was so beautiful and UNIQUE! I love seeing a vintage knotties wedding come together perfectly!!!
  • god your wedding was beautiful! :D

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  • I love the pic of you two dancing....he just looks so in love with you with that smile on his face....its so sweet!!!
  • You two did an awesome job at planning such a beautiful wedding.

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  • I'm in love with your wedding. Our centerpieces were also "collected items" and all them were different. I had so much thrifting and hunting through antique stores looking for things. I'm bummed I forgot to bring my camera so I'm stalking my photographers blog. She took a bunck of detail shots and I can't wait to see them all.
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    You had such a beautiful wedding.  Your photographer was great to shoot the wedding party in front of that blue background.  It really made the (complimentary) orange POP!  Brilliant!

    What I absolutely love about your wedding is how many big broad smiles are on everyone's faces.  Even the officiant!  Congratulations from the bottom of my heart.
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