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Look for any information good or bad abou DJ or photographer. We are getting married in Billings. So far we have looked at Something Special photography and YO DJ! Disc Jockey's. Anyone have any info about them?

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    Yo DJ Disc Jockey is my DJ - Sheldon is the person who will be doing it, I believe he is the only one there. He is AWESOME! He did my friends wedding and will be doing mine. He charges a flat rate of $700 for all day/night ceremony and reception. There were a few other posts for a DJ for $450 for 6 hours or something, but I dont know which one that was for. There aren't many DJ's you'll find that won't charge by the hour, so I definately recommend Sheldon at Yo DJ!

    Our photographer is going to be Scott Dupuis from Creative Imagry. Photography prices are outragous, and he has a Fabulous deal. He charges $95 for the day and then the only other cost will be the cost of pictures how many ever you want. He has no time limit like a lot of the other places do. His website is or you can call him at #671-2548 He is very nice!

    When are you getting married? and where?
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    Here is the other DJ someone mentioned from the Billings Wedding Post - His name is jeremy wolf with wolff media productions. He charges only 450 for 7 hours
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    You might look into Tez Mercer Photography.  We hired him to do our wedding in June, and we just had our engagement photos taken last weekend.  So far we are very impressed with him and his work.  He's easy to get along with and his photography is a lot edgier than what I've seen from other photographers.  He's new to Billings...he's actually from England.  Very fun guy and easy to work with.
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    I am using Lasting Memories Photography for my wedding in August.  Jenn took our engagement photos in February, and did a great job.  Photos are really important to me, and I was really impressed by her work.  She offers a fairly wide range of packages.
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    Im going with Jenn with Lasting Memories for photog and my fiance is a dj so I don't have to worry about that but my boss's son is
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    Thank you for the information as we are now looking for a new photographer since she booked over us. I will definitely check Scott out as I would like to see more of his work. We are getting married 8/21/10 at Pryor Creek and having the reception at the Depot. We actually were in town (we live in Bismarck) and met Sheldon. He is great and very enthusiastic! We asked him for references or any examples of his work, which he did not have, but has now created a facebook page. The address is:

    Again, thanks for the info and good luck!
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    I've seen Sheldon first hand and can tell you he is awesome! He definately is enthusiastic so I'm excited for him to DJ my wedding. I've only met him the once at my friends wedding but he was so nice, I haven't made my appt to meet with him for mine yet but plan on doing that soon.

    Its probably hard to plan so much when you live out of town, so let me know if you have any other questions. I'm planning mine still but have done so much research on every angle of the wedding so I feel confident with all my choices!
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    I'm using Price Party Productions from Billings - they were less than the other places we were looking at, and we were impressed with what they were offering for the price. 

    For the photographer we're going with Celia Mangus. I've had a meeting with her and was very impressed - I'm really looking forward to her. Any worries I had about a photographer are completely gone after talking with her. She was so great. And everything is digital - she gives you all your photos on a disk so they are all yours and you don't have to pick your favorites to purchase.  Her website is

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