Canadian Gift registries

My FI and I are currently registered at Sears.  We're happy with this but we're really hoping to find some patio furniture to add to our registry.  Unfortunately anything we do like is well over 1K for a set and we think this is a little ridiculous.

Is there anywhere you can think of that we could consider registering?

We've already thought of:
Canadian Tire (don't have registries anymore)
Home Depot (have one but your guests have to visit the same exact store to buy anything)
Rona (none)
Lowes (none)
WalMart (no longer has one)
Bed Bath and Beyond (don't have what we're looking for)
The Bay (our next stop but I doubt we'll be successful)
Home Outfitters (also another stop but not holding my breath)
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Re: Canadian Gift registries

  • I thought Canadian Tire still had in-store registeries? 
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  • Me and FH are having the same problem- we don't even know where to begin!  We are thinking of registering at Sears, because FH used to work there and said they have a good registry system- or we were looking at registering through HBC. Some of the stuff featured in these stores are really expensive though, so we're trying to find additional ideas too.

  • I would be wary of Sears right now... Not sure what exactly the situation is at this point, but I know they were having a lot of financial difficulty lately. Since I wasn't sure what was going on, I chose to go with Linen Chest (VERY happy with them), and The Bay (indifferent). BUT, we are still far away from our wedding date so there's plenty of time for things to change... We also registered for little items (under $50) at Zone, but I don't think they're Canada-wide. 
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    My fiance wants to register at Sears. I didnt even know they had a registry.

    I was thinking Bed Bath and Beyond as well. I'll have to look at LinenChest.

    The bay is popular and easy for people to buy from, but it is pretty pricey in my opinion. Everything just seems overpriced.

    I have been having a hard time finding registries myself... I was hoping Solutions would have one but it seems they don't.

    fyi: apparently Bennix and Co have a gift registry that is not automated, so you have to go to the store directly. Not the most convenient but an option.

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