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Second Weddings


Hi all, this is the 2nd wedding for both me and my FI. I did not have a "Wedding" for my first marriage, just the JOP and a small reception. I am having the wedding I have always wanted since I was a child this time.  I am starting to look at invites and am not sure how my name should appear. I kept my married name after my divorce because I had small children and thought it would be easier. My parents are helping with the wedding so they will be included in the invites, however, how should my name be listed? Should I put both my maiden and my married name? (I dont use both now just married name) or just my married name? May be a silly question but I am not sure what to do. Any help would be appreciated.. Thanks!
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Re: Invitations

  • Legally, your name is your married name, right? Most people will know you by that name and it is fine to use. It is your name, and its ok.

    I used my name on our invitations, that I 'picked up' from my 1st marriage - i had kept it for the same reasons (children).

    That being said, depending on the formality, you could omit the last name.
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  • Yes, I completely agree.... I actually am omitting my last name altogether on the invites for the very same reason!!
  • Perfect! Thank you!! I am thinking I will just leave my last name off. I appreciate the advice.
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