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  • Only a few minor things went wrong.

    when i 1st arrived my colors were green and yellow, the best man in green and the groomsmen in yellow,and the girls were the opposite,moh in yellow and bridesmaids in green, well i show up and my brother who is supposed to be in YELLOW is wearing a GREEN vest so i freaked out b/c the wedding party would have looked awkward,we ordered our tux's from his friend who owns a buisness so he borrowed the green vest to play a joke on me.

    it poured every day in Sept so i thought it was going to on my wedding day but it turned out to be soo nice.

    first i forgot to set the alarm thankfully one of my bridesmaids got up at 6:15 and remembered i told her i wanted to be up at 5am to take a shower so she woke me up, i was a little late but everything worked out

    i had a breakdown in my bridal suite.and i cried like a baby walking down the isle

    the florist stuck some flowers in my cake when they were supposed be set around it, but i loved the way it looked so i didnt stress out.

    in reality my day was perfect bc i was marrying my best friend,the little things didnt matter all that mattered was we had eachother and our family and friends there to support us and share our special day.
  • I accidentally walked in to the room where H, best man and pastor were waiting before taking their places in the front of the chapel.  I was told they were in another room, so we accidentally saw each other before the ceremony, but it wasn't a big deal. 
    We didn't practice busseling my dress and so after the ceremony it took forever for my bridesmaids to figure it out and we were late getting to the reception.  Again, not a big deal, only about 20 minutes later than we had planned. 
    We had a blast at our wedding and reception and were happy with how everything turned out.  Yours will be great too!
  • I probably shouldn't be reading this thread - it's making me freak out!
  • kee80kee80 member
    I was in a wedding this past December with 10 BM's.  At the ceremony, one of the girls, who hadn't had any water all day, locked her knees to stay up in her 4" heels, passed out, & hit her head on the handrail behind her DURING THE VOWS.  The sound of her head hitting was horrific! 

    Luckily, she was okay, & the ceremony eventually went on.  But I will be making very sure that everyone has enough hydration on my day!
  • Wow, reading the stories above makes me feel silly even having an answer to this question.  We planned to have the ceremony and dancing outside and of course a cold front blew in overnight.  The sun did come out, it wasn’t raining, but it was far too cold and windy to be outside.  We mistakenly still had the ceremony outside, so my something blue was ME. J  The dancing had to be moved inside and I was soo worried about that possibility beforehand, but when it actually happened, it really wasn’t a big deal.  The biggest thing that went wrong on my day, and really the ONLY one I'm struggling to get over, is that my venue's coordinator, who we thought was SO nice and awesome ended up being an unhappy, unhelpful and non-detail-oriented person.  If she had been as warm and nice as we thought, I would have been able to brush off a lot of what wasn't right.  As it was, the things that went wrong were super stressful cuz she was unpleasant and I felt didn't care about my event.  What specifically went wrong:  ceremony music was messed up three times, pretty much all wrong (it was on CD and she was cueing it).  Alot of the decor wasn't right--we didn't hire a florist to save money so volunteers handled the decor for me.  I quickly got over the parts that they didn't have right, I soo appreciated all their efforts, but was not ok with the stuff the venue got wrong.  I don't think you could hear the music we had burned to CD for the cocktail and dinner hour, I can't believe how much energy we invested into something that nobody heard.  Because the meal ran too long, we moved up the cake cutting and toast at the last minute and it took forever to get cake cutting utensils in the room and the champagne distributed.  Very awkward.  Once all the must-do stuff was done, we had a blast, but I feel like pretty much all the scheduled stuff was a mess.  I never imagined that would happen.  Just make sure you have a coordinator/event manager that you are sure you can trust and try to let the details that aren’t right roll off your back.  Enjoy the day for all you’re worth, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!  I wish I could do it all over again.

  • I too, am a HUGE worrier!!  I had an outdoor wedding and the weather forcast drove me CRAZY!  The whole week before it said it was going to be sunny, no chance of rain, all the sudden, the day before, it said "Showers between 4-7" and my wedding was at 5:00!  I was so freaked out.  It ended up being sunny without a cloud in the sky.  Best advice here-get a great plan B, it will help your stressing.

    The only thing that really went wrong the whole time was that I got really really sick the night before the wedding and stayed up all night in the bathroom.  Drank tons of gingerale the day of, and ran off adreneline the who wedding day.  It wasn't the most plesent time being sick, but I'm so glad that was the only thing that went wrong!  No one even had a clue but my mom, the BMs and my DH. 

  • My MOH, who I might add I have been nothing  but kind to from day 1 of the process completely dropped the ball. She was not available to help me in any way on the wedding day, missed the brunch beforehand, complained about keeping me company at my salon appointment that day, was not around to help me get into my dress because she was too busy getting herself ready, AND I think started drinking early in the day and was snookered at the ceremony.

    It was actually okay, because my one bridesmaid totally stepped in BUT I am still angry we paid for her to be with us in Vegas lock, stock, and barrel and I must say again I was nothing but kind to her (NO Bridezilla deals!) and this is what we got. I did not know we were gifting her a few days in Vegas, I thought I was paying her expenses as mu MOH. It was difficult in moments to get away from being angry at her and stay present in the day.
  • Hmm. Do you have all day to read mine?

    It wasn't so much the day itself, but the process getting there was a nightmare. I regret almost every detail, aside from my dress that I really liked.

    When we got engaged, we wanted to just sign papers and be done with it, because we can't afford a wedding at all. His mom insisted that we HAD to have one, and my now husband said that if we didn't she would never forgive us. So she offered to pay for the wedding, which was the biggest mistake ever. After a month of planning she managed to get my dad to pay for almost half the wedding- something i absolutely told her couldn't happen. He's on disability and unable to work, and literally has no money. He also has more medical bills than medicare pays for, going in for weekly blood tests because they believe he has some form of leukemia but can't figure out exactly what it is. He's in debt beyond anything he can handle. It was underhanded. I told her my family couldn't contribute, because they couldn't afford it. She said that was ok, but then guilt tripped everyone into helping her. I felt awful from the day I found out and still do.

     Every detail I wanted was laughed off the table or she completely ignored. I wasn't allowed my flowers because she didn't like them, the color because she thought it wasn't a spring color, invites because they had a ribbon on them and color, which she said wasn't nice. She offered to pay for the wedding until i disagreed with something she liked, and then she refused to pay for it. She offered to get my daughter's dress, didn't like the one I chose, I bought it anyway, and then she loved it and told people she helped to pick it out. She chose the location, a place in PA, after we  expressed how important it was to have my uncle marry us. He's a judge in NJ and couldn't perform ceremonies out of state. But she refused to have it in NJ, saying it was too far for some of their side to drive. The place she picked? PHILADELPHIA. Literally 15 minutes from some of the places I found. So since she had to have it at the place in Philly, where her daughter had HER wedding, my uncle couldn't perform a legal ceremony. So we got married before the big deal in my childhood home with only two witnesses, and our wedding day was a fake wedding. I was glad I wasn't nervous about getting married, but I also didn't have the excitment or happiness either. I walked down the aisle as a married woman. It was so stupid.

    Aside from that, my sister and brother both refused last minute to not go to the wedding because my mom wasn't invited. They knew this from the begninning, and only had a problem two weeks before the wedding. My sister was a bridesmaid, so we had to scramble to find a replacement. We managed to do it, but it wasn't settled until the day before the wedding. My grandmother had a triple heart bypass surgery a few weeks before the wedding and couldn't make it. So the only people from my family who were at the wedding were my dad and aunt and uncle. It was miserable.

    Since his mom didn't want to pay for a lot we had a DJ who had never DJed before (a friend of my husband's brother), a photographer who was a friend, not professional, never did a wedding before. Half our invites declined so this giant room was cavernous and empty, no one danced, the food was overcooked and they ran out of the filet so some people didn't get what they ordered. I was worried about the dancing thing, too. I don't dance, but I wanted everyone else to dance. The only people on the dance floor were my friend who was so drunk he was squeezing his nipples and frolicking in giant circles, and an older guy who was a really good dancer. He was by himself most of the time. At one point in the night he screamed that he wanted to dance with me, I tried to politely decline, but then 4 people attempted to pull me onto the dance floor. In the process they spilled my drink all over my dress, I had to scamble to get away and he cornered me in the room until I opened the door and told him I'd leave if he didn't leave me alone. After that I was horrified, embarrassed, and sat with my dad for almost the rest of the night because my husband was drunk and talking with his friends.

    All of this probably sounds trivial. There were tons more things that happened throught the planning process. So much so that I went from loving my mother in law before the planning, to not wanting to even speak with her. I smiled and thanked her profusely for the wedding, and then haven't gone out of my way to talk to her since. It got out of control.

    I didn't enjoy my wedding at all. I'm glad it's over.
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