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Hand Cancelling at USPS

This may be dumb - but do all post office allow the option for hand cancelling?  If not - does anyone know where I can go to have my invites hand cancelled?

Re: Hand Cancelling at USPS

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    If you call the USPS 1800 line they will tell you that every post office does (they have to do that on certain oversized envelopes that will not fit into their machines) but I can guarantee that you will run across a USPS office that says they don't do it.  I think they may say that just because it's time intensive and they don't want to do it.  However, I just suggest calling the post office you plan to use and ask them if they will do it, tell them how many envelopes you have, and ask what the best time would be for you to come up to the office to have them dropped off so it can be done.
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    Most of the branch post offices don't cancel in Cincinnati. It all gets shipped to the main post office of Cincinnati to be cancelled so you have to take it there.
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    I took mine to the post office in Mason on Snider Road.  After some pleading, she hand cancelled them for me.
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    All post offices are REQUIRED by USPS regulations to hand cancel.  That doesn't, however, mean that all of them do it.  You could always threaten to file a complaint with the USPS if they refuse to hand cancel your invites, but would you really want to entrust your invites to someone you'd just threatened?

    Your best bet is to follow the first poster's advice and call ahead of time to find a branch willing to either do it for you, or allow you to do it yourself.

    Best of luck.
  • dschuck23dschuck23 member
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        I dealt with this also.  One of the branches in NKY gave me a ton of grief about it so I ended up going to my hometown in Loveland.  They did them no questions asked. 
       We also missed a stamp on one of the envelopes and she put it aside for me until the next day.  Overall, had a good experience there. 
  • CincyBride29CincyBride29 member
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    The Loveland post office will NOT hand cancel and they are not very nice.  The post office downtown next to Palominos said they would hand cancel them for me.  They were super sweet!
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  • kengelhardtkengelhardt member
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    Thanks everyone!  That is a lot of advice!
  • lbrown713lbrown713 member
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    What is hand canceling?
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