What kind of officiant did you use/ plan to use, and how much are the charging?
Just trying to figure how much to budget for the officiant. (I am not part of a church)
Thanks for all answers.

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    I'm not part of a church either but we luckily had a friend who was ordained through the ULC that was willing to officiate for us. If you have a friend who is willing, they can be ordained online I believe.
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    We used Tommy Rider.  His website is  We paid $350 in 2009.

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    We're using a local justice of the peace. He's charging us gas (since we're getting married about an hour away from the town where he lives) plus a tip "Whatever the groom thinks the bride is worth ;)"  Before we found him available (he's such a nice guy and I kind of want to know that a nice man is performing my ceremony) we planned to find one once we went to the courthouse to get our M.L. I would presume that a justice of the peace would be relatively cost efficient but having someone you know get certified would def be cheapest if they were willing to donate their services.
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    I went to get my marriage license yesterday and they had a print out of local officiates. Check with your county clerk.
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    Our moms got ordained by ULC and they're performing the wedding. Super personal and exciting :)
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