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1950s Glamour Help

Hi Everyone!

I'm an already married that is renewing vows for 10th anniversary. We didn't have a wedding initially so it will be like the first time.

1950's glamour is what I love. Think Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, the Pajama Game and the like. I also want to weave into that the big band theme. I think the two go together well because the 50's was the song and dance era.

I want to go all out with the theme; invites, dresses, hair, reception, band and even the cocktails!

I'm just getting started and would appreciate any help!

Re: 1950s Glamour Help

  • OOOOH!! I love it! I'm going late 50s early 60s swanky cocktail party. Sort of Mad Men themed, but by accident, considering I've never seen the show.
    There are a thousand things out there about vintage fashion. I'm picturing bridesmaids in Marilyn's pink dress from Diamonds Are  A Girl's Best Friend. Love it. One favorite source these parts is www.unique-vintage.com.

    Anyway, as far as cocktails go, I'm going with some of the classics, we're having an open bar, but I'm putting drink cards in frames on the bar with suggestions, like the Manhattan, the Highball, Gimlets, Tom Collins, Dirty Martini, Old Fashioned, White Russian, etc etc) (By the way, the 1950s were the birth of the cocktail hour. :)) Instead of a limo, we're planning on renting a period car. There are so many great ideas out there and I'm sure the other ladies will have much more to say about it. :)
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  • I'm going with an Old Hollywood Glam theme, 40's, 50's and 60's inspirations.  I'm using black feathers in the bouquets, big rhinestones in the decor, black and champagne lace, "Sabrina" style dresses for the bridesmaids.  Definately check out the bios from the girls on here, there are some wonderful inspirations!
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    I like this girl's simple tutorials.  She also has a cool hair tutorial

    Our Wedding Website
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  • Check out The Fedora Lounge online. It is an amazing resource for clothing, vintage hair, tons of photo references.
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  • we are doing a retro rat pack themed wedding...the girls on this board are so unbelievably creative!!!  Im sure some of them will have some great ideas!
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  • I LOVE your theme and your enthusiasm for it!  Here are a few initial suggestions:

    The following link shows photos (on my website) from the 1956 wedding of a Southern California celeb named Chef Milani.  He was a popular TV and radio chef, long before there was a Food Network!  You'll be able to see the fashions worn by the bride and bridesmaids, as well as the bride's bouquet.

    I don't think you can see it in any of the photos that I've posted there, but there were also "honeycomb," paper bells hanging from the ceiling.  (I LOVE the vintage-ness of those things!)  

    AND, at the Milani wedding, they had paper napkins printed, in silver lettering, with wedding bells, lovebirds, and the words "Joe and June." (June was the bride.)  Having paper napkins printed with the couples names is a nice little vintage touch.

    By next Tuesday, I'll have posted photos from two late 1950s Chicago weddings.  There's an especially good shot of one of the gal's bouquets.  

    Pale pink was a popular color for some brides' dresses in the '50s, so you might consider using it for your bridesmaid's dresses.

    Stephanie James is a popular, contemporary designer of 1950s-y wedding wear (look at her tea length dresses, for sure!):

    Also, go to www.justinalexanderbridal.com and look at his design #8465.  Another bride who posts here plans on wearing it, and I think the tea length version of it is staggeringly gorgeous! 

    www.BettiePageClothing.com has a lot of informal, 1950s inspired dresses (in case you're looking for anything to wear to your rehearsal dinner, or for departing on your second honeymoon!)

    Here's a fun link from my site -- might inspire you to do something a little kooky for some aspect of your /50s wedding...plus you can see a '50s wedding cake/cake table set up:

    Here are a few other '50s links from my site:

    Additionally, you might consider:
    Having you and the gals in your wedding party wear gloves
    Encouraging your guests to dress vintage and/or encouraging the women to wear '50s hats (they're still easy to find at swap meets and in antique malls)

    I have a 1960 book of cocktail recipes.  Not quite the '50s, but close!  I'll try to post some of them, soon.  But you can probably find a book of vintage cocktail recipes by searching on ebay.  

    I know I keep saying this, but there's a fantastic radio show that you can listen to, online, Sat. & Sun., from 6-9 a.m. Pacific time, at www.jazzandblues.org, hosted by Chuck Cecil.  He plays Big Band music, mainly from the 1930s-1955 or so.  It might help you come up with songs to have the band play at your wedding.

    Anyway, I'll shut up now!  I hope this helps to get you started.  Please keep us posted, and good luck!!!

  • I would suggest:
    -fedoras for the guys

    -a birdcage veil
    -Pin-up girl makeup
    -A vintage font for your invitations
    -Bring the theme across in music.

    It won't let me upload more pics (it says they are too large) but I have pics posted on my blog if you would like to see.
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