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Olowalu Planation House is simply beautiful. I had seen photos of it from other weddings and also on their website, and it was just as picturesque in person.

I had hesitations about an independent venue because of the necessity of bringing in your own caterer and rentals (tables, chairs, lighting, etc.), which adds to the cost of the wedding. Apart from this issue, Olowalu was almost perfect. Luckily, we didn't have enough guests to necessitate renting portable toilets or having shuttles, which would have cost even more.

We booked Olowalu through our day-of coordinator, so we didn't have much contact with the property manager. I did email the property manager a couple of times to schedule a rehearsal time, and she was prompt in responding.

One thing I would like to see improved is air conditioning in the house! At least in the wedding party getting ready rooms. I was sweating like crazy, and my hair flowers wilted in the 90 degree summer heat even before our ceremony started. We had fans going, but it was just too hot. Be sure to bring lots of blotting papers.

Another thing that I would have liked changed was that there was a dumpster and a small Caterpillar piece of equipment toward the ocean side of the parking lot. It was quite noticeable, and there was not much we could do about it. The venue said they could move the Caterpillar behind the dumpster on our wedding day, but that was it. I don't recall what it looked like on the wedding day because I was too busy. I'm not sure how long these things will be out in plain view, but hopefully not for much longer.

Something that is not advertised (at least on their website) is that you can rent a dance floor from the venue. The cost is $500, but I forget the size--it might have been around 12' x 15', but you should check with them. It was a good size for my ~80 guests. We originally wanted to use the concrete slab as the dance floor, but the venue had made changes to the area by putting in gravel next to the concrete slab. We didn't think the setup was ideal, so we opted for the dance floor. There is no subfloor, but the dance floor was not wobbly at all, and I don't think the subfloor is necessary.

All in all, Olowalu is a beautiful venue, and I'm glad we had our wedding there. It wasn't quite perfect for the above reasons, but I don't think we could have found a better venue on Maui.

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    That sounds really awesome! In another life I'd love to have a wedding there :P
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    Thanks for your very candid and honest reviews...i am sure they will be very helpful to brides starting out.  I have a question...where did you set-up the dance floor?  Is it possible to put it over the concrete slab or that won't work now due to gravel? We are renting their floor as well...oh is the floor in good condition? Thx. J. :-
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    Maui 2011 - Yes, it is possible to put a dance floor over the existing concrete slab. 
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    Thx. Jen! :-)

    So excited for you...you leave tomorrow i believe.  I know Cherise is more than capable and probably does this all the time for her Olowalu brides...as soon as my WC gets to Olowalu in the morning she will open all the windows to let the ocean breeze help cool down the house...i am getting my H&M done at my condo so by the time i get there in the afternoon it should not be overly hot and stuffy inside...well hoping it won't be. J.  :-)
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    Thanks for the review, I'm so looking forward to and excited for my wedding there and its still over 11 months away!
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