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3 registeries?

We registered at Bed Bath & Beyond - which was GREAT!

We went to Target but only ended up finding 22 things....that's it! So we decided to pull the Target registry & do Walmart instead. Then FH said he wants to do bedding at Macys. I'm happy that at least we're catering to different budgets, but is 3 registeries too much?

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Re: 3 registeries?

  • We have 3 registries as well, which seems to be the norm as pp mentioned.. most couples have 2-3.

    I agree with pp, are you sure about Wal-Mart? I have never known of anyone to register there.. in fact this is the first I've heard of someone registering there. A lot of their home goods stuff is much lower quality and probably won't last as long. Try sticking to the department stores like pp mentioned such as Macys, JC Penney, Kohls, Sears, etc or places like Crate & Barrel. Then again.. I'm not a fan at all of Wal-Mart so I'm biased against them. In the end, do what works well for you and FI and your guests. But keep in mind having 3 registries is definitely not too much and is average.
  • We had two "normal" registries (C&B and Macy's) and a Traveler's Joy registry. I think 3 is a great # to ensure your guests have options for both the store & the items
  • I think it's actually more considerate of your guests to register at 2-3 places.  Let them chose where they would rather shop.  I'd just make sure you have something at every price point at every store you register with. 
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  • We have 3 registries also.  Lots of items across different price points.
  • I had 3 when I got married the first time. We found different things we liked at different stores (crystal was at one, good flatware at another, etc.)
  • I think 2-3 is common and gives people options as what to buy, and options on prices. 

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