Wedding Dress Drycleaners

Looking for a good wedding dress drycleaners in Vancouver...Bought my dress in Europe and wearing it here but would like to have drycleaned before the reception in Vancouver...does anyone have any recommendations and prices? thanks...

Re: Wedding Dress Drycleaners

  • jwhite36jwhite36 member
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    I've heard good things about (I think it's spelled) Chekmate Drycleaners at Knight and King Edward.  Not 100% sure if they specialize in wedding dresses, but my fiance works for an upscale members-only club and that's where they send their suits out to get drycleaned at.  
    You might also browse drycleaners at  When you search businesses it prompts you to narrow down your search by services that companies offer.  You could probably find a few different drycleaners that do wedding dresses that way.
    Good luck!
  • AngelacmAngelacm member
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    I bought my dress and recently had it cleaned at Tiffany's NY Bridal, and they did a great job!
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