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Okay. I have to admit. Picking a wedding gown was so overwhelming I went with my Army dress white uniform (white military jacket, black full length skirt and gold insignia - I am/was an E 4 honorably discharged). Simple. Elegant and appropriate considering my pride in serving through two wars.

My question is this in case there is a former drill sgt or company commander out there who wishes to help me out.

I know according to military regulations I must wear my hair up. BUT, since no headgear is authorized with this uniform is any type of viel appropriate during the ceremony ?

That is NOT covered under regulations that I can discern. And even as I am no longer active duty nor reserve, I still respect the uniform and the regulations governing the wearing of such. My fiance just looks at me and shakes his head. (I love him though - he puts up with me he HAS to be a saint)

Re: Military wedding

  • You could also try posting this on the Military Brides board.  Those ladies seem to be pretty helpful!

  • A veil is definitely an unauthorized accessory and not ok to wear with the uniform.  Kudos to you for choosing it (MOB on active duty for almost 26 years here) but just make sure you stick to the reg and you will look really classy.
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