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South Asian Weddings

Family style vs Buffet vs Personal plate

What did you have or what will you do? 
Why? How did it turn out?

-In Thai weddings, we have it family style and I really like it because guests at the table can interract with each other. Im NOT a fan of buffet stations because its a hassle and guests would have to wait in line for their turn...just not a fan of having them wait for food. As for the personal plates, I'm not sure. I dont want to limit the food choices but again, I don't want them to be so picky. 

Re: Family style vs Buffet vs Personal plate

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    We'll see what we can pull off. I do not have an issue with buffet because it's what I see so often, but it's not my favorite. It doesn't mean that isn't what we'd choose though. A lot goes into picking that, and although I'd love table service and a menu, that also is in a different price ball park than what I'm used to. And often when I am at a wedding where we all have a menu to choose from, the food is awful.
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    We're going to do buffet-style and provide mostly Indian and some American food options.  I feel like with buffet style, you'll be able to offer a variety of different options and it will be fun for some of the guests to try out the different types of ethnic food.  I've seen weddings where they start the dancing and then open up the buffet so that the guests can eat whenever they feel like it.  Hope this helps!
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    We had the buffet option. I would have preferred the family style option, but that would have cost more since you need more servers, etc. We didn't have a huge wedding either so it was OK that we went with the buffet.

    I think the only "compliants" were that my friends wanted to eat more (like third servings) but food was gone :)
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    I really prefer family style because especially if you have a lot of people at a wedding, buffet style looks so bad when there is a lot of people and I have seen it in so many weddings where there is a huge line for the buffets its just looks really bad, its like everyone is afraid that the food will run out or something.  I have literally seen people ignore that DJ that is calling out tables, to have some sort of order, but it totally back fired.  Maybe desi people don't like following directions, but I dislike it when they do it.
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    We had family style, which was the only option at our venue.  I was happy with it.

    People mostly stayed seated, so it wasn't total chaos and we were able to get to every table.  There was a lot of different food and people could just choose whatever looked good to them.  I didn't have to keep track of entree choices and once we set the menu I only had to worry about the one headcount.  I made menu cards, so people could be absolutely sure what each course was.
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    In Response to Re: Family style vs Buffet vs Personal plate:
    I've seen weddings where they start the dancing and then open up the buffet so that the guests can eat whenever they feel like it.  Posted by Priya490
    This is what we plan to do.  We'll enter the ballroom, take our first dance, and head to the buffet..... then the floor and buffet will be open to everyone else.
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