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military bride needs help!

My fiance is gone until June for AIT and he told me to plan the wedding however i would like because he knows it helps to keep me busy.. only problem is that his mother thinks i am rushing things & making all the decisions and says he isnt involved enough. i dont think she believes me when i say he WANTS me to take care of everything and he doesnt have time to do it. help me!

Re: military bride needs help!

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    It's your FIs responsibilty to talk to his mom and tell her to lay off of you.

    In the meantime, don't talk about wedding planning around her. If she asks a question, be generic or say that you don't want to talk about wedding stuff.
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    Oh that must be so frustrating, I'm so sorry! Yeah maybe just don't let her in on all the wedding details and then she won't be so aware of all the plans. Definitely try to keep busy- maybe have some bridesmaids help you with a bottle of wine (I even Skype with some of mine since we're all scattered at the moment). Who cares what his mother says, you do what YOU need to do to keep yourself busy:) Good luck!
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