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My fiance and I are getting married on Aug. 4th 2012. We have a reception venue picked out which will be at the Tip Top Ballroom downtown. I am having a difficult time finding a ceremony location that works for me. Any ideas? Here is some of my criteria/issues...

1. I am not affiliated with a church so I dont know of any that would be willing to offer us a location with little effort on our part... (eg. required classes and counseling etc) 

2. Im open to outdoors if it was the perfect location...Nebraska weather is just so iffy Undecided

3. Id like to stay in the general area of Downtown omaha.

Any ideas would help! Thanks!

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    Do you know how many people you're planning to have at the wedding (guests and wedding party combined)? Depending on the size, you could do a fun rooftop or loft wedding or there is a really amazing and beautiful yoga studio in the Old Market that rents its space for events and would be really fun and different. For bigger spaces you could do the Press Club in the First National tower or one of the hotels downtown... But those places also do catering and would be more reception-y...

    I like the idea of a rooftop somewhere and reserving a spot inside just in case it rains!

    Happy planning! :)

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    Lewis and Clark Landing? (I believe it's under water currently, but beautiful nonetheless) or ConAgra Park?
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    They also have that park down the street on Abbott Drive right near the Gallup University. It is super pretty. We are talking about getting married at the Heartland of America Park as well.


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    The Gerald Ford Birth Site isn't too far, and is very pretty.
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    We looked at a few hotels down there. Some are really nice. We ended up going more midtown, but we used a hotel since we're not affiliated with a church, either. 
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    I recommend First UU Church.  It is behind midtown crossing. Htye will let you bring in any officiatn you want - even JP.  The church is beautiful too! You do not have to take classes, conform to any religion, etc.  They offer is as a facility to use.
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    Lucile's in the Old Market looks to have a pretty garden or indoor area for a wedding.  It was top of my list for sites until we decided to have our ceremony where we are having our reception.
    Also the Magnolia Hotel has a beautiful courtyard that they can tent as well in case the weather was icky.
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    I second the Madnolia Hotel. Otherwise a loft ceremony would be beautiful!
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    The Magnolia is beautiful- just be prepared to shell out a lot of cash for it.  If your budget can accomodate- that would be at the top of my list as well!
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    Were having the reception at tip top ballroom and they require a minimum of 250 people...SO Ive up'ed my guest list and still looking for a ceremony venue. I do love the magnolia but I want a shorter ceremony and Im not about to hand over $1500 dollars for a 15-30 minute ceremony  Undecided  
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