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New York-Long Island

Bachlorette Party Ideas.. Please HELp!!

Can anyone give me some good/fun idea's for a Bachlorette Party on Long Island

We are going to definetly get a limo.. and my MOH is only 17. Id like to do something that she is able to be involved in at least in the beginning of the afternoon/night.. and then the older crowd can go out and do whatever.
I am not a wine drinker either so the vinyards are out. We are planning this for April 9th... Any LI brides make any suggestions???

Re: Bachlorette Party Ideas.. Please HELp!!

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    What about Dave and Busters?? It's age friendly and tons of fun. Or you could go to a really nice dinner, someplace like Gasho's would be a lot of fun and then hit an after-hours club later in the night since your MOH can't come.

    Or you could do like a two-part party, go to dinner and then have a passion party at home after.
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    I have the same thing, I have 2 "under age" girls, so we decided that one night the older girls, along with some other friends, will do the "bar/Club" night (friday night) and then on Saturday me and the girls in my party will all go do a spa day and then dinner after and then, since FI will be away for his Bachelor weekend, we will have a sleep over at our house, This way there is a night for both "party older girls" and then for the whole party, younger girls and all. Maybe your girls could do a spa day or something similar, even if they get a pedi or mani and just hang out.
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    I'm in the same boat...my sister the MOH is only 18.  I think the best bet is some kind of spa day with a nice dinner and then maybe the older girls go out later in the evening?  The only thing with that is, I know my sister will feel a little sad that's not part of the crazy fun at night so I think I'm going to just go out a different night with my 21+ friends...dave and buster's is a good idea though!  Or maybe something like Bowlmor in the city?  Its fun, "clubby" bowling and you guys can drink at the bowling lanes and your MOH can still be there...I've been there a few times for corporate events.  Its cool!
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    I know you said you wanted to stay on the island, however... I have a really fun suggestion in NYC.

    Now it sounds really lame, but we did this for a friend of mine who isn't into drinking or strippers * I can't blame her there*, but we took her to Butter Lane bakery. We learned how to make DELISH cupcakes, and honestly IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. I really thought it was going to be lame, and I was going to be bored, but it was one of the best time I've had.

    You should look into it...
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  • anniebeewedanniebeewed member
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    Dave and Buster's sounds like an awesome bachelorette party idea!
    Or maybe a spa day?
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