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Re: Resolution?

  • Yep.  Lose weight and pick out / order prints of wedding photos.
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  • Pay off the majority of my credit card debt and start putting money back in savings
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  • Loose weight for the wedding!

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  • I think I need to resolve to do something with all of the pictures I have.  I used to scrapbook and haven't done it in over 3 years.  I need to get back to it.
  • I wanna lose weight for the wedding, but we started that already, not waiting until the New Year to start. 
  • I'm starting 30 day shread and doing it for the month of Jan if any of you weight loss ladies would like to do it as well. 

    I'm shooting for getting in shape and scheduling my life a little better. I have zero discipline, so I want to get better at that! 
  • I started back on the weight loss train a couple of weeks ago.  I'm down 7 pounds, which got me excited that I could actually lose weight at Christmas time!

    My goals for this year are to hit my goal weight and maintain so I can schedule my breast reduction, and to do three races in 2012.  I've already decided to do an 8k Shamrock Run in March and the 5k Jingle Bell run again next December, I just need to choose a third race.
  • Same as Lisa's, though it's only been about a year since I've worked on my scrapbooks.  I also want to finish the dress I started making in July.
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  • I've decided that I'm going to take better care of my health... eating healthier, taking a vitamin, etc. I'm considering doing a 50 mile bike race in late June for my favorite charity and I want to be healthier for it.
  • Finish my halfmarthon in good time.  Finish planning the wedding one month before it happens. 
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  • i think my resolution is to journal more. i used to do it all the time. i always try the "lose weight" one... but i never stick with it. haha. so.. i am gonna do journal more... and get alone with the Lord more. :) 
  • I have too many probably.

    - Want to read at least 50 books.
    - Want to re-read the HP series and read the Narnia series.
    - Want to try at least one new recipe a week
    - Want to start journaling again
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  • Rebecca - what's the 30 day shred?
  • Pink- it's a workout DVD from Jillian Micheals. It is a 30 day program and it's only about 25 minutes a day. It's very convenient for busy schedules and out of shape people. I love it, but haven't had the discipline to stick with it for the full 30 days. 

    Google some of the before/after pictures-- they're pretty amazing! 
  • I just bought the 30 day shred with the intention of doing it before the wedding -- complete motivation fail.

    Since our wedding's at the end of January, we're mostly making post-wedding resolutions, since we'll be living together then. Save more, eat healthier, be more active, reduce stress...FI and I both want to try our best to better ourselves and our relationship in 2012.
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  • I want to get back to the weight I was at for my wedding, and maintain that. I may look into the 30-day shred...
    I also plan to keep a prayer journal, finish reading through the Bible, and read 50 books in the year.

  • Katie-- You could probably get a lot out of the shred still. Three weeks is about 3/4 of the program and could be great stress relief! 
  • I really need to lose a little bit of weight, DH is so sweet and tells me I haven't gained weight or that I look just as beautiful but I KNOW I've gained a little and it's time to shed that weight!!

    And DH and I are making a resolution to be nicer and more understanding towards one another.  :)
  • Mine are to strengthen my relationship with the Lord and to find more and better ways to share Him with others. Also to eat healthier and work out more. H and I also plan to find a new church this year (leaving our old church was something we prayed about for a long time).

    Last year I said I would complete the Year of the Bible program in 2011... and I did (and so did H). What a cool feeling to know that I have finally read the Bible in its entirety! I am starting a new devotional today and have been reading Crazy Love. 
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