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Is this dress too much for an Outdoor Wedding?

Hi All,

So I'm getting married next year on May 28th.  I've already got my dress but I'm starting to stress that it's a bit to much for an outdoor wedding.  I love the dress and I think it looks great on me (which was my main goal when buying a dress).

Did anyone else wear a full ball gown for their outdoor wedding? 

Thank you so much for your help!!


Re: Is this dress too much for an Outdoor Wedding?

  • My dress wasn't as full as yours, but I definitely feel I had a "big" dress.  I also had a decent length train and a long veil.  I don't think it is too much for an outdoor ceremony.  I was married in a park in the fall though.  If you are planning a wedding in a location or time of year when it might be 90 degrees or warmer, I think you will be very uncomfortable in that dress.
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  • mines a big dress too, im too doubting it, getting married outside in fl in sept :S but i love my dress so im sticking with it...i bought a white maxi dress for like 30 dollars to slip into after the ceremony if im too hot :)
  • I'm wearing an extremely formal gown and we are having an outdoor wedding. I'd rather get the dress i want and love than buy something less formal and not like it at all. If you love it- wear it! otherwise you'll regret it!
  • What kind of outdoor setting?  In grass, on a beach, on a terrace?  That makes a difference in my opinion.

    The main thing is though, once you buy the dress you kind of just have to stop looking at other dresses and stop thinking about it. 
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  • Thanks all for your inputs!

    I'm getting married in Northern VA (so the temp should be ~75 going down to high 60s durring the night) at a Nature Sancturary,

    We're getting married under a giant tree (@ 5pm) and having a tented reception.

    - abbiewbster: I might get a slip or maxi dress too just incase (on the freak off chance) it goes up to 90 that day.

  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-boards_outdoor-weddings_this-dress-much-outdoor-wedding?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding BoardsForum:666Discussion:6ee03225-2516-4935-b19a-04cb84442dafPost:e90db290-dbac-4c6f-8e4e-fb57ba7979f5">Re: Is this dress too much for an Outdoor Wedding?</a>:
    [QUOTE] The main thing is though, once you buy the dress you kind of just have to stop looking at other dresses and stop thinking about it. 
    Posted by danieliza1127[/QUOTE]

    Yep, good advice. No point in "stressing" over it or confusing yourself by looking at other dresses. Your gown is gorgeous by the way.
  • I think given your venue and time of ceremony the dress is fine
  • I'm getting married outside in October and have a "big" dress as well :)  I thought briefly "would it be OK for an outdoor wedding?" but it's the dress I fell in love with and knew it was MY dress.  I adore your dress.  Wear it and love it!
  • i'm with everyone else. my dress is "big" and has a train. it is perfect for me and i think it will look fine outside...it's just going to get dirty on the bottom. your dress is beautiful btw!
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  • Do you *love* your dress? If so, who cares, wear it!  My dress isn't a ball gown, but it is a full skirt A line with a semi cathedral train for an outdoor wedding on the grass.

    Not me obviously, but my dress, is an Alfred Angelo 1612.

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  • I have a big ball gown and we are getting married outside in October. 

    I think that it is fine with your time of year and weather. 
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  • I absolutely love the dress! And like veryone else has said, if you do too, go for it! Plus, the temperature, time, and even setitng should be totally fine.
  • I am getting married in October at an outside location....my gown is big with a slightly long train.  I don't care if it is fitting for an outdoor wedding or not....it is the dress I fell in love with and can already picture my FI crying when he sees me for the first time in it.  If you love it and know that IT is THE dress....then wear it!
  • I think you heard enough by now but I can just agree. I am wearing a full A-Line for our back yard wedding. It's the only day you can wear the dress of your dreams so go with what you love!!!
  • I'm debating getting a dress for my beach wedding, using the defense that it's fall and nighttime, and its cold, so I don't think it's too much.
  • I'm having a beach wedding and I'm leaning toward this dress

    But I'm a FIRM believer in there is no such thing as dress "types".Cool
  • Oh, and your dress is stunning!!!
  • I think it's a BEAUTIFUL dress and I actually think it would be a good one for an outdoor wedding as long as you don't feel like you'll get to hot (depending on the time of year). I've seen a lot of ball gowns outside and it looks really nice. I'm going with a flowy type gown for mine, but that's just personal taste. The dress makes the wedding, and sets the tone for it, so as long as the rest of your wedding matches your dress, I don't think you'll have a problem!
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