A little laugh!

So my maid of honor was a little overly ambisous and ordered a size 14 dress when she is a size 18. I have been stressing out about this. I brought the dress to her this week when it came in and it didn't even come close to fitting. She almost got it zipped all the way up however her "girls" were barly covered and were just about to pop out! I was so upset and stressed about how I was going to approach her about this. I finally asked her to exchange the dress for a bigger size and she did. We went to dinner on Friday and she told me that she was too very upset about dress and didn't know how she was going get a new dress or the dress fixed without me knowing. We laughed for a good few hours about this at dinner. We both thought she looked like a cheap escort but we were both afraid to say anything. :-)

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Re: A little laugh!

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    Lol, thank goodness there is enough time to have it changed!  In the past I had ordered a dress and was a little too small.  I could wear it that day, but it was tight.  The stress leading up to wedding for me was awful because I was so worried it would not fit!  
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    Oh my gosh! I"m glad it all worked out well! I'm always the person who has to get alterations because I buy them too big. haha. 
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