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Snow Mountain Ranch experience?

I'm looking for any honest reviews, good or bad, about experience holding a wedding and reception at Snow Mountain Ranch outside of Winter Park. We are currently trying to decide if this is where we want to book, and have some reservations. One, we are told that our wedding guests have to pay $15 to come onto the ranch for our wedding if they are not using SMR lodging; two, I wonder about the quality of the cabins for older guests (e.g., bed comfort); three, I wonder if staff there are helpful the day of, or if I need to hire a coordinator, which I do not want to do; four, I wonder if we should book off-season due to popularity of the camp, thus crowds. Otherwise, the venue seems to be perfect for us - plenty of things for guests to do, on site lodging, affordable on a small budget, and we like that our money would go to a non-profit.
Thank you!


Re: Snow Mountain Ranch experience?

  • I have heard great things about the YMCA! The only drawback is that you have to do 99% of the work/rentals yourself. I have heard that this can really add up. Did you look into Granby Ranch, just a few minutes down the road? They have a chairlift ride to the Ceremony with a fully-catered Ski Lodge reception. Let us know what you decide!
  • All I would say is that I've worked with SMR for a large retreat group (not a wedding, but it was about 80 people) and while they appear reasonably priced, you do get what you pay for.  The rooms/hallways are not really taken care of (like, there is garbage left lying around during our groups entire stay and no staff ever thinks to pick it up, apparently.  my impression is that they underpay and under train their staff).  Also, you are paying for every little thing add-on wise, as well. If you like thinking about where your money is going, perhaps consider a venue that is part of a city's rec dept?  
  • We were set on snow mnt ranch until we heard the price of rooms.  Our whole idea was to save our guests money by staying in a casual location, but very basic rooms are around $150/nt.  From the look of the room we were honestly expecting the price to be around $75.  Most of our guests are not high maintenance or picky, but we want to give them a good value for a weekend in the mountains.  We found ended up picking a place in Breckenridge because you could get a beautiful 1 bedroom condo with full kitchen, fireplace, tv, balcony, sleeper sofa, etc. for about $150/nt.  Even less expensive if 3 couples split a 3 bedroom condo.

    I will say we loved the outdoor ceremony locations at SMR and the wedding coordinater there seemed great.  We also loved all the activities there, but remember that these types of activities aren't for everyone.
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