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April 2012 Weddings

garter/bouquet toss music

Hi ladies, just wondering if you've got your music picked out for the garter toss etc?   Are you using 3 separate songs for garter removal/ garter toss and re putting on the garter?   I'm using Land down under for the garter removal ( my fiance is australian so we thought this would be funny...) and I think for the putting the garter back on we will use lets get it on by marvin gaye but I have on idea for what to use for the garter toss itself, or if that will just go with the removal song?  All this music has left me stumped...   sigh! 
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Re: garter/bouquet toss music

  • Bouquet: Single Ladies-Beyonce'
    Garter: Chantilly Lace- The Big Bopper (an oldie!)

    We're not doing the part where the guy who caught the garter puts it on the leg of the girl who caught the bouquet. I have first hand seen this cause problems when people who are dating/engaged participate, when a guy put it on a random girl and his girlfriend got upset watching him put his hands up another girl's dress and I don't blame her. If you think your friends wouldn't mind, or if in your crowd, only truly single people do the tosses, then nbd. 
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  • For the bouquet toss we are doing Girls Just Want to Have Fun. For the garter toss FI picked the Mission Impossible Theme song. We are not having the garter put back on either.  However if we were I think I would use the same music for all of it.  For us picking songs out was hard enough so I would not want to have to pick more. 

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  • We're doing:
    Girls just want to have Fun for the bouquet toss
    Shook me All night Long by AC/DC for the garter toss.
  • Doing Fever by Peggy Lee for the garter removal
    Bouquet Toss - Ladies Night - by Kool & the Gang
    Garter Toss - Going the Distance by Cake
    Garter Placement - I don't remember at the moment. I have all the playlists on my ipod at home. 3 out of 4 aint bad! lol

    We didn't want to do any racy or suggestive songs for the garter placement because it's already awkward enough, so I know we picked a fun song. I will update later when I get home.
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  • No tosses here.  I don't personally have a lot of single girlfriends (I'm actually one of the last to get married), and there was no way I was going to single out the 5 single ladies. 
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  • thanks ladies!!! 
    Yeah I get a little worried about the awkwardness of strangers having to do the garter placement, but what i've seen happen before nad what I hope happens again is that whatever girl catches the boquet, if shes in a relationship, they rig it so the bf/fiance catches the garter.  I have a friend that will be there that is getting married in July and she is a big aggressive in that department ;) 
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  • I love good girls go bad for the bouquet toss, might have to steal it. ;)
  • Bouquet toss: It's Raining Men

    No garter toss for us
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  • wow!! all terrific ideas - I like the theme from Rocky or Single Ladies for Bouquet; for Garter - mission impossible?  What a man, from Salt and Pepper??  I have 9 days to go and need to make a decision!  :-)
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