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Plans for the week?

We are going couch shopping this week. I will also be working on the program so we can have that done sooner then later.

Re: Plans for the week?

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    Tuesday: Pediatrician appointment with Chandra, then finding the kids' room before Jonas's therapy appointment.

    Wednesday: Sister wants to go Easter dress shopping. Apparently the baby needs a fluffy frilly poof dress that she'l wear exactly once before she outgrows it, or something.

    Friday: Jonas is out of school, so we'll be spending the day playing.

    Sunday: My mom/sisters expect the kidlings to make an appearance at church. Not being a religious person, I'll go, but only for a little bit. After that - Fr. Family Annual Peeps Roast! (My mom's family gets together and has a big bonfire at which we make s'mores with Peeps and Hershey's solid chocolate bunnies.)
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    Ugh.  So much.

    Tuesday: Meet with new officiant.  (I would say we fired the old one, but really she fired herself when she got herself banned from our venue.)  Also maybe eye appointment so I can get contacts.  Mail last invites.

    Wednesday: Dress fitting, I think. 

    Thursday: Clean house!

    Friday: Hosting game night at our house for a bunch of coworkers.

    Saturday: Last choli fitting.  Finish card box.  Work on program, maybe.
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    Enjoyin' my time home alone (too bad I have to go to work). FI is in TX for business.

    The teo best things about when FI is away on business are:

    1) I bring the cat into the bedroom.

    2) I eat food that FI doesn't eat (tonight I ate veg spring rolls and pho). Generally, I eat a lot of East/Southeast Asian food when he is gone.

    Tuesday we're having a luncheon at work because one of my co-workers is leaving to start physician assistant school next month. I'm also going to the jewelry store to pick-up my engagement ring. I had to leave it with them for repair (one of my micro pave diamonds fell out) and they are making a mold for my custom wedding band.

    I have a box of stuff I was told "I have to" go thru before FI returns home (Friday). There's some other housework on my agenda and I have some wedding stuff to tend to (finalizing hair & make up and PR with the family and friends).

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    Holy Week = very busy

    In preparation for the Easter feast I need to do a major grocery shop on Thursday, visit the Halal grocery for a couple of items, and begin prepping food Friday.  Also hope my cake pan and dishes arrive soon.

    I also have what seems like a thousand appointments to see apartments... I really hope we can find something nice.
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    Monday - it past, I worked, I ran, I conquered!  A sari that I got through arrived, and it's downright beautiful with a lot of embroidery :)  Score for $59!

    Tuesday, more work, but I'm looking into a new backpack, or something to carry all my stuff, that might be an ongoing thing...I want to run more :)

    Wednesday - date night, anxious, we'll see how that goes LOL

    Thursday - Personal training and more work!

    Friday - Day off from work, doctor visit, many shots <frowney frown frown />

    Saturday/Sunday - not sure what the plans are, but want to keep getting things needed together

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