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Videographer at your Engagement Shoot?

I spoke to our photographer yesterday about our engagement shoot this Saturday that we're really excited about. He mentioned that he spoke a videographer friend of his about being excited to shoot in Grand Central Terminal (NYC) and said his friend wanted to also be able to shoot there. So he offered/asked if we would allow him to come along and video our engagement sesssion, for free.

It sounds promising, but uh, what the heck do I do with a video or our engagement photo shoot? Should I go along with it? It seems like a fun idea to have a short video that would be combined with our photos, but seriously what do I do with it?

(We're not the type of couple that likes to see themselves on video, we don't even have a videographer for our wedding day...)

Re: Videographer at your Engagement Shoot?

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    Hey Raangoli!
    You can use it for your reception program or play it during cocktail hour...?
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    I like MrsBM's idea :)  or you can put it up on your wedsite for your guests to view :)

    "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart." ~ Miss K ~
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    That sounds like a fun idea, playing it back during cocktail hour, I like that!

    Are you the type of couple that is more quiet and does not want their video/photos to be everywhere? I have lots of video guys ask me if they can shoot video (for free) at some of my events, but it is usually so they can have some sort of portfolio to show their clients. They need the video to put on youtube, facebook, and their website to show they have some experience.

    Maybe you should ask what the intentions are, and if you are okay with it...Free is a great price for some fun video! I am sure it will come out really nice!
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    Oh that's a good point about the portfolio, Abhi. We are a very reserved couple who doesn't like their photos and in this case video splashed everywhere. Neither of us enjoy being the center of attention :)

    It sounds like a nice idea to have the video during cocktail hour, but again, we don't like to see ourselves (well at least I don't like to see myself) and I would feel like that's just pushing more of ourselves onto our guests.

    I'll talk to our photographer again to see what his videographer friend wants to do. I am sure that shooting at Grand Central is something anyone would want to add to their portfolio. Assuming our pictures come out nicely, I am sure our photographer would add them to his portfolio, which I am OK with, but the video for some reason just seems strange to me. I guess because it's more than just clicking through a slide show of pictures...
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    I agree that only do it if you and your Fi are comfy...b/c it will really be a display of you and him....

    I've seen the videog do a "love walk".  Which is where the couple walks around a forest or some urban area and the video guy just takes video.  It can turn out nice...but I think it can also get cheesy (especially if the song is cheesy lol).

    Here is an example of one that I've seen lately.


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    That's a really pretty engagement video! It came out really well.

    But it's not our style. We like  to blend into a crowd, not have the focus on us.

    In the end though, it turns out that the videographer can't make it after all, so there's nothing to worry about in the end. It will be my FI and I hanging out with our photographer in the city. Should be fun and interesting!

    Thanks for all the feedback!
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    In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/cultural-wedding-boards_south-asian-weddings_videographer-engagement-shoot?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Cultural Wedding BoardsForum:430Discussion:f8ac85f8-dbc1-44e6-9182-df03855044daPost:ace81769-18cc-4e2e-b8b0-4e09405e944d">Re: Videographer at your Engagement Shoot?</a>:
    [QUOTE] It will be my FI and I hanging out with our photographer in the city. Should be fun and interesting!
    Posted by raangoli[/QUOTE]

    That sounds perfect!  Enjoy!!!!
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    Thanks, Bells! Your video is really well done and looked like it was a lot of fun to do.

    We had our engagement pictures on Saturday without the video and it was great. If we had the video it would have been of me and FI staring at each other saying "Do you think he's done taking the picture/shot?" Haha...but it was a great time!
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