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Is anyone using for their photography, videography and dj services? Or know anyone who has used them?


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    don't even bother its a con end up with cheap vendors while this company sub contract the work out to cheap vendors and make $$$
    Burt and Cheryl
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    I have a friend that got married this summer and she used them and said they were great.  I was thinking it would be nice since its a one stop shop.....
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    That's what I thought but we found a photographer that both my fiance and I clicked with so we decided to go a different way. Good luck!!
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    I just wanted to give you a heads up.  As someone who works in the industry, we have heard that the wedding combo is dissolving, if you are contracted with them you may want to try to get in touch with them!
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    Elmtrees - I was a recent consumer of wedding combo and I'm fearing I won't get my video that we paid for.  All their phones and emails are disconnected.  Do you happen to know anything else, or have last names for any of their contracted partners?  We used Jill as a videographer but I have no contact information for her personally.  Thank you!
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    you've probably heard by now, but they're gone. it's been all over the news. left vendors and couples high and dry. taken their money and everything. the owner is in tempe, arizona.  i wish you the best at tracking them down.
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