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Wedding During Ramadan

My wedding is right in the middle of Ramadan.  Many of my guests will be traveling and therefore not fasting, but I'm still waiting until after fast break to serve dinner.  My own wedding is my first Muslim wedding so I am worried I will forget something.  I have prayer rugs for everyone and a room for prayers.  What else am I forgetting?  Does anyone have any ideas for the bathroom?  Kindest Regards to all.

Re: Wedding During Ramadan

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    Don't forget the Nikahnama and a pen, and all else is the details, right?Is your wedding just in the next couple of weeks then?  FI's family was adamant about not having our wedding during Ramadan because a lot of people would not come at all, so we shortened our engagement and got married last weekend.We used sheets in the prayer room to just cover the entire floor and ensure there was plenty of space for everyone.  Make sure you know Qiblah, as that can be difficult for people to determine in a new space.Ask your caterer if they can use Halal meat; ours did for no extra charge.  And make sure they know not to use any alcohol at all in any of the cooking.  A little bit of wine is a common ingredient.We didn't do anything for the bathroom.
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    The Nikahnama and pen are definitely the only real necessities.Some people think it's an extra blessing to get married during Ramadan, but others feel it's an inconvenience.  In our case we really didn't have much of a choice.  We are having halal meat, but ours is extra because it comes from an outside supplier.  I was thinking of putting watering cans in the bathrooms like we have at our Masjid.  Thanks for the help.
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    Where is your wedding happening?  Tell me more about the set up.
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