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Affordable Wedding Photographer in Connecticut?

Hi everyone,

Does anyone have recommendations for a very affordable wedding photographer to shoot our wedding (summer 2013) on the Connecticut Shoreline? We are on a tight budget, but want to have excellent photography.

Experienced art students or apprentices with artistic sensibilities are most welcome!

Thanks for any and all ideas!


Re: Affordable Wedding Photographer in Connecticut?

  • Try posting this on the CT local board, you'll likely get a better response.
  • On a side note, don't skimp on your photography, that's what you will be left with when the cake is eaten!
  • It might help if you state what "affordable" means to you and your budget. "Affordable" is a subjective concept. 
  • Depending on what you find affordable, my brother is an excellent photographer. 

    He lives in the Netherlands but he is charging prices way below what American photographers ask. 
    His packages start with 1000 dollars, if you give him a plane ticket you'll be done for less than 2000 dollar and have a pro. 
  • Hello!! I'm getting married in the fall of 2013 just curious did you find any good affordable photographers in CT? I am starting my search and would love your advice !!
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