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I'm having trouble trying to figure out what to get for my bridesmaids.  I am making them necklaces to wear in the wedding (which I'm not considering as their gifts) I ordered them all personalized jewlery boxes that turned out awesome and I thought it would neat to put the necklaces in them and thats how i will give them their necklaces.  I want to spend the same amount if not a little more than my fiance spend on his guys.  I'm not sure what else to get the girls. Any suggestions?

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  • Shop for the individual not the group.  What would you get them for their birthdays? 
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  • Mix it up a bit-

    Here are some examples of what I am getting the girls

    MOH: Raw shea butter, leather bound journal, vibrams
    BM: Northface jacket, journal, cool wines and chocolates
    BM: Wrap braclet, sketch book, items for her corgi

    Their items are different b/c they are not the same people they have different hobbies
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  • Since we're all gamers, I'm making them each a custom dice bag, and then getting them a set of dice I think they'd like.

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  • i am hand making necklaces. and each one of them are getting a personalized cook book. We are all foodies and i found really cool cook books to write in recipies. One is a vegan. another is a family meal cook book
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