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too soon to rent chairs?

okay - so clearly I get overly excited. i've planned a good amount of my july 2014 wedding already lol.

i get that i definitely don't need to get chairs just yet. i was just jumping on the 10% off ocean atlantic was offering- but i'm assuming they'll offer the same at next year's expo- do you think i should just wait until then to rent the chairs?

even though i'm way ahead of the game, i'm happy that i have all the vendors i want and that i can now spend the next year and a half on pinterest and diy things lol

Re: too soon to rent chairs?

  • Will they lock this years price in? If so maybe not a bad idea if your sure you will need them anyway.
  • I'd probably wait to book chairs/tables until you have a better idea of the numbers.
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  • i have a bottom line number regarding guests- so i was going to rent that and add on later.

    my thinking was locking in the price. i guess i'll have one more day to decide!
  • Not sure what you mean by bottom line? We expected 40 people to come, and ended up with 25 by people cancelling last minute. Several things to make sure when you sign a contract that they can't change the amount they are charging you with 2014 rates, and that you can change the amount of tables and chairs that you want, you will be surprised by those you come and those who don't. Quite honestly, booking almost a year and a half out will probably cause more worries and concern of them losing contracts, etc. They may also not book this far out as well. Just some things to think about, I'm sure you want to get done what you can, but at this point, aside from booking venue and photographer, and maybe your officiant, if you have a first choice, I think you are set at this point.
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  • I would not book this far out.  I used Ocean Atlantic Rentals, and loved them.  But I changed my numbers within thirty days of our wedding, and they charged me to do so.  You may want to wait till closer to the wedding, because I also added in extra lights, a dance floor, and multiple other things that I did not think of at first.  You could at least give the rental company a call, and see how far out they would recommend.  
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