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Hi Everyone!

I am new to the boards.  I have been reading all your posts for a while but I am finally in the throws of wedding planning (6 months to go!)  and I am starting to have questions that you guys might be able to help with.

I recently got a quote for  wedding flowers.  The delivery and set up was about $700.  I am thinking this is excessive but I am not sure??  The price were quoted is about double what we were hoping to pay.  I love this florst and am trying to find places to cut our costs without ending up centerpieces full of babiesbreath.  Any ideas??

Thanks so much in advance!!


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    That does sound high to me, but this is coming from a bride who used silks and had candle centerpieces...
    Candle based centerpieces are a definite way to cut costs.  Centerpieces aren't necessarily something people will remember about a wedding, so I used my small budget on more memorable details.
    If you want floral CP's, talk with the florist, be honest about the numbers and ask what she can do to make it happen.  If she wants your business, she'll find a way.
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    I haven't done a lot of florist research, so I don't know if that's high, and it probably depends on what you're getting for your money, but I can see not wanting to spend twice as much as you'd hoped! Maybe shop around for comparisons and see if this florist is really giving you a good deal for what you're getting, or if it's overpriced.

    If you really want to use this particular florist, I'd say tell her what you're hoping to spend and ask for ideas on how to cut back on the price, like swapping out more expensive flowers for something in the same color that's cheaper. Flowers that are in season should be cheaper than ones that aren't.

    And like pp said, maybe do less with the flower centerpieces. Are you wiling to DIY? You might be able to save money by getting flowers in bulk and doing the CPs yourself.

    Or, maybe you can shave some money off by figuring out a way to pick the flowers up or have a family member do it so you won't have to pay for delivery.

    I'd definitely say shop around a bit and talk with the florist to see what her ideas are for saving money.

    Good luck!
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    I haven't done much for research on florists yet, but I'm planning on alternating centerpieces (one with candles and one with flowers) to cut the costs. I would let the florist know how much you're hoping to spend and see what ideas they may have. Have you looked at any other flower places?
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