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Acne Blues

I'm not getting married for another 9 months however, I know my skin. I always get blemishes not enough to really be full blown acne but enough to be annoying. I'm 23 years old and I've never had clear skin for more than a few days. I wash my face everyday with Mary Kay Timewise. I've used the stuff in the stores and nothing seems to prevent any breakouts! I'm so very afraid that i'm going to end up with wedding day acne especially since i will be stressed. I live on a budget so i can't afford anything really expensive, not interested in proactive cuz it just dries your face out and I live in Minnesota, my skin is dry enough. Any suggestions? The new number system looks interesting anyone ever used it? I need all the help I can get, please!

Re: Acne Blues

  • Well since you mentioned trying everything in the store, perhaps you should consult with a dermatologist.  You might need a prescription acne treatment.

    I've used Proactiv and it didn't dry my skin out. 
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  • I'm not sure mine is that bad to consult a doctor about. Its not like ruining my skin or anything I just don't want to have blemishes on my wedding day.
  • I can totally relate.  I'm 38 and have never had more than a day without acne.  I am sure the wedding day won't be any different.  I feel for you.  Makeup can do wonders, though!  Will you be having your makeup done professionally?  That's one thing I am going to invest in.  Good luck!
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    This sounds silly but every once in a while I will boil a pot of water on the stove, and while its boiling (and with a clean face) I will put a dish towel over my head and lean over the pot. As close as you can get without being uncomfortable. It's like your own in-home sauna. And after you've sweat awhile, go to the sink and spalsh cold water over your face. The steam will open up clogged pores.
  • That sounds like a really great idea! I will have to try that. And my aunt sells mary kay so i will have her do my make up. I know they have some great cover up stuff!!
  • I just ordered the skinID system from Neutrogena. It hasn't come in yet, but I'm hoping it will help. I have pretty much exactly the same situation as you. I've had acne since I was about 13 and it never has gone away. It's only about 5 pimples at a time, but the red marks from past acne stay as well. Once I try the skinID for awhile I will repost the results! :)

    Good luck!
  • My vote: Dermotologist :) I also tried eeeevvvvrryyyything out there and now am finally almost to clear skin. Good luck!
  • I'd also recommend a visit to a dermatologist.  It sounds as though your skin is quite similar to mine (dry but prone to break outs), and like you, 80% of products were too drying.  My new dermatologist recommended a treatment called Atralin (a very gentle, clear gel of Retin-A) and I love it.  And while that same treatment may or may not work for you, a dermatologist would be able to determine what kind of acne you have as well as what would work best for you.

    Good luck! :)
  • I'm 25, also have had many problems with getting my skin clear. Proactive did not work for me, in fact, it just made my skin worse.

    A Knottie reccommended the Clinique Acne System, which I now highly reccommend to everybody else. It can dry you out, so I use it only once a day. The other time, I (gently) use the St. Ives Invigorate/Fresh Skin scrub (They make an acne scrub, too, but I've never used this), and then I moisturize with the Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizer (I actually never knew about this until I bought the Acne System, they gave me a sample tube of it as a freebie) ... I don't even think it's supposed to be used on the face, but I love how it feels and while my skin isn't perfect yet, I've had amazing results, and my skin "looked" perfect on my wedding day.

    For every day make-up I currently alternate between Bare Essentuals and the Clinique Clarifying foundation. Clinique also puts out a concealer that doubles as a spot treatment, both products have served my skin very well.

    Which, sorry for sounding like the Clinique poster child here, but once I got the rec to try them out, I went to the counter with a totally open mind and was able to get some really awesome and helpful products.

    My wedding was last weekend, so I don't have the pro-pics back, but for foundation I wore the Make Up Forever's Hi Definition. Just from how it looked "in real life", I was very happy with my results, my skin really did look flawless that day.


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    I'd recommend staying away from anything that 'dries out' pimples or your skin.  These products base their results on chemicals that damage your skin cells.

    The medical view of acne seems to be summoned up here:

    However every method that is used is also noted for it's short comings.  Basically it's the best that they have come up with, yet many of them have side effects.  While most of these side effects are considered mild they may make quite the difference on your wedding day.

    My girlfriend and I use Glimpse.  We find that our skin has cleared up wonderfully.  Of the few pimples I've had since using Glimpse many of them have never become full blown white/black heads and have receded to normal skin shortly after any sign of redness appears.

    I hope that this helps,

  • Also,

    If you haven't already, change your hand/face soap to something non-toxic.  After a morning routine many people use a different soap for their hourly needs.  If this common soap is causing difficulties with your skin you may not know it.  By changing to something that your skin doesn't need to flush out the chemicals from throughout the day your skin may clear up further.

  • I understand where you are coming from.  I also had acne but it wasn't too bad, I didn't think it was bad enough to see a dermatologist either but when I ran out of options I finally saw one and she recomended I take fish oil, zinc and folic acid everyday.  It really helped, along with switching to a mineral make up.  It's very inexpensive too, each is only a few buck, I'd estimate that it costs me less than $15 for 3-4 months of these vitamins.
  • I would see a dermatologist. M routine is pretty complex... I use ROC deep wrinkle corrector, it has retinol-A, but not at prescription strength that helped clear out my skin. I alternate it with a deep moisturizing vitamen E cream from Body Shop at night. In addition, I have two morning mostuizers, an oil-free (from Bath and Body Works) and calming Aveeno, both with SPF 15. Which one I wear depends on my environment that day. I wash my face with a light cleanser, with room temperature, not hot, water and toner from the Body Shop. I just realized I sound really high maintence, but it's not that hard. I spend a lot more time on my skin, but I don't wear makeup often since I keep my skin in good shape (which also limits my breakouts).

    It's about finding products that work for your skin. Also, a very important and often overlooked aspect is our overall health. Drink enough water!!! And as stated above, fish oil is also really good for your skin (and hair and eyes...)
  • In my opinion, you are way too young for a product like TimeWise. That's for us old ladies. I have to say, I've tried cheap stuff and expensive stuff and nothing has ever worked better than Proactiv. For spots left by acne (for those times when I try something other than Protaciv), my dermatologist gave me skin bleach. I think just in general having a dermatologist in your back pocket for emergencies is a great idea. They can do wonders that you can't do at home.

  • I would definitely recommend going to see a dermotologist! I had annoying mini acne and rosacea. Dermotologist assessed my specific skin issues and gave me targeted prescriptions for my skin, both topical and oral. It worked wonders. I never would have gotten those results if I had kept trying to choose over the counter products. The dermotologist was covered under my insurance and so were the prescriptions.
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  • I use the line and it works. I used to use Proactiv and I won't go back. Check it out.
  • i feel your pain... i  to have to deal with acne but whast i have found works to clear up quick unwanted blemish is to use  anti bac facial wash !! Cheap and get the job done~ hope it helps... kristy
  • I've always had acne until I started using this:

    It's the bomb. They should pay me for how much I promote it on here. It's a three step kit for $40 but I've had mine for 6 months and am still using the lotion and the toner. When I ran out of the cleanser I just switched to a store bought one and kept using the other two pieces.

    I will warn you that it's pretty drying in the first few weeks, but then your skin gets used to what's going on, so if you do order it give it some time before deciding it's no good for you. That being said, I have found that I needed to add a moisturizer now that it's winter..but my skin is still perfect!
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  • I don't have "bad" acne either. I only have hormonal and stress breakouts with my combination skin. I'm oily in my t-zone and normal everywhere else. I've used store brand, Clinique, Proactiv, prescriptions... And the best combination for me has been the Proactiv Cleanser and Toner followed by Acanya in the morning and Atralin in the evening, sealed with a light moisturizer with sunscreen (also Proactiv). I've seen the quickest and best results with this. Definitely consult a dermatologist.
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    I have extremely sensitive skin... and I have found 1 combinationthat works for my skin about 85% of the time:

    In the morning: Aveeno SPF 55 sunscreen for infants (it's super gentle).
    In the evening: Antibacterial WetOnes.  It sounds crazy, but it really works.

    The sunscreen is a bit of a splurge, but it's totally worth it! 
    I'm proud to say my extremely Irish skin hasn't burned in over 2 years! (The addition of the full body wetsuit for scuba diving helps too...).  My skin was definitely worse if I let it burn.

    All of the other stuff designed to stop breakouts actually irritates my skin (Clerasil, Neutrogena, Proactiv - which was actually the worst).  So, I found what works for me. 
    Check with family members too - they are going to have the most similar skin to you.  The WetOnes idea I got from my mom... and she's also the one who originally got my infant sunscreen too, come to think of it.

    The Aveeno sunscrren doesn't have the sunscreen smell either, which helps.
  • By the huge amount of response, you can see you're definitely not alone ;) My skin is terrible. The past year or so it's been very oily. I know different things work for different people, but this is what works for me...

    Lush Cosmetics Tea Tree Water after cleansing. Isophoryll Alchohol on t-zone area. (Obviously intense and wouldn't suggest unless your skin is oily, and still wouldn't suggest to use every day. But it's highly effective!) Clearasil Ultra vanishing cream works better than anything for me. Murad Spot Treatment is awesome too. As far as concealer goes, Amazing Cosmetics concealer is AMAZING. You can go to your local Sephora and get a free sample. It's about $36 a tube. So, I've never actually purchased it. But I have gotten a few samples for special occassions :X
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  • It might be a bit pricey, but if you have a laser clinic nearby they can seriously work MAGIC!!!! Check it out. I just had to interview a laser clinic for a newspaper article, and I was completely sold by the time I left! 
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  • I saw a girl on weddingbee do an asprin mask - and that seems to be helping with the size of my pores and my blackheads- maybe give it a try
  • This may sounds a bit weird, but you could try putting a clean towel on your pillow each night. I've heard this works wonders for some people since it prevents build up of dirt, oil, and bacteria on your pillow. It's free, so why not give it a shot!


    I felt like I was reading about myself....23 from MN....I use the cleanser and treatment from hear....and my own moisturizer. works. I tried everything from proactive...things off the shelf....but this provides the best results for me.

    I used it on my back face and chest and it lasts a LONG time...

    Good luck!
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  • Have you heard of Norwex? There is a girl named Kristal Johnson in your area, she sells it.  I do not know her number but if you go on contact us, you can probably find her.  Anyway, they have a cloth that is embedded with silver and it has been said to help with acne.  Just get wet with hot water and place on your face for 15 min or so.  Start trying it now to see how it works.  No soap, just water.  Best of luck
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  • Like you, I've tried everything.  I'm looking into airbrush makeup since I know my skin will be a stress enduced wreck that day.  I'll try it all but bottom line is to just cover it up. Geeze, when will my face grow up?
  • Well, I, like you, have always had bad skin.  I went on BC to clear it up, and it did.  However, since going off of it in July, my skin has been awful.  Tried Proactive, doesn't work.  Tried the Skin ID, is EVEN WORSE THAN Proactive.  Finally, my best friend recommened Clean and Clear morning burst.  It's either an orange or green bottle.  And then I combine that with Pursagel (also by C&C)  This has been amazing! I highly recommend it and wish I found it sooner!  (both cost about $12 and last a long time! And I use them twice a day!)

    Since you live in Minnesota, I recommed using Neutrogena Healthy Defense Moistrzr.  (I don't know how much this is because my mom gave it to me)

    Hope this helps!

  • The makeup artist I booked told me to use apple cider vinegar as an astringent.  I've been using it everyday and my skin looks ssssooooo much better!
  • Look on the labels and try something with Salic acid.  It won't dry out your skin as much or bleach your clothes.  Benzoyl Peroxide drys out your skins a lot!  It is better for acne but the drying is pretty intense.  I would consult a dermatologist and get info about these creams. He/she can also give you eating habit suggestions.  Sounds crazy but my skin cleared up after I changed my diet.

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